Yoga and Pilates tend to get grouped together - and rightly so given they are so complimentary to one another. However, the two disciplines offer fairly different experiences from one another, so if you’re wondering ‘yoga vs pilates - which one is right for me?’ keep reading to discover the key differences and benefits!

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We’re still in lockdown, the gyms are shut, the swimming pools are closed, and non-professional sports have been postponed! This narrows the scope of what you can do fitness-wise a little bit, right? We may be in lockdown here in the UK but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a good workout in! There is a wealth of exercises that you can do for free, it all depends on what you want from your fitness, is it weight-loss, endurance, or strength? Perhaps a mixture!

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Slowly but surely, we as a society are removing the unfair stigmatism that surrounds mental health issues and those who suffer from them. According to recent statistics from 2020, one in four people in the UK will experience some form of mental health issue over the course of a year, with one in six suffering from a common mental health problem weekly. So, what are these mental health problems? Some of the main contenders include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder to name but a few on a vast list of varying conditions. Today we want to shine the spotlight on the importance of mental health self-care, it is imperative that the conversation continues on this topic so that we might all live happier, healthier lives for body and mind.

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After the turmoil of 2020, this year should be focused on restorative wellness and healing. While it may not feel like we are out of the thick of it, there is a new source of hope in the vaccine and we can begin to see an end to the pandemic that has taken over our lives. As we face another lockdown, and cabin fever and restlessness intensify, many of us will feel the need to escape. In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to be kind to ourselves, and what better way to restore your mental and physical wellbeing than on a women-only wellness retreat. Experience some much-needed tranquility as you work on your health goals surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals. Whether you are looking to improve your self-worth, fitness, or peace of mind, we have compiled a list of the best women-only wellness retreats for 2021. 

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Spa-induced wellness holidays don’t always have to come from far-flung destinations around the globe such as Thailand, Mauritius or Bali. Now, although those are fantastic choices, there are also options a little closer to home here in the UK. For those who perhaps are unable to travel long-distance or those that want a quick and convenient shot of wellness, these luxury spa retreats in the UK are the perfect answer. There has been a shift in the mentality of travellers after the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the UK and beyond. Rather than a ‘generic resort’, many are seeking authentic rejuvenation with holistic treatments and bespoke therapies having seen the importance of maintaining a strong physical and mental disposition. Explore our list of the best British Spa hotels where you don’t have to stress about travel restrictions and PCR tests! 

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As we enter February, many of us associate this month with Valentine’s Day, the month of love and romance! However, with everything going on in the world, it is imperative to also make sure you show yourself some love and care. It can be very easy to fall out of love with your body, particularly after another lengthy lockdown, added with the fact that we live in a toxic social-media obsessed society that values appearance on falsified photos that are plastered wherever you look. 

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We all have very different relationships with alcohol, some won’t touch it, some have it on special occasions, some drink multiple days a week and some sadly have a detrimental relationship with it. Regardless of your specific attitude toward alcohol, you will surely be aware that in moderation alcohol is okay, but any form of regularity or excess can have serious health consequences, affecting your weight, skin, and as it is a depressant, your mental health too. 

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Well, isn’t this a role-reversal? We’re normally helping send you away on a wellness holiday, but this time we’re helping bring you home. With spikes in cases, new variants and an emphasis on protecting the vulnerable, many countries have closed their borders and have varying rules and regulations for travellers trying to get home! 

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The art of acupuncture has been practiced for over two millennia, in which time it has built a substantial reputation as a leading alternative therapy. With the simple,  non-invasive application of delicate needles, all manner of uncomfortable or life-altering conditions can be eased. Many mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression, can be treated through acupuncture’s gentle stimulation of the nerve endings. The symptoms of physical conditions such as migraines can likewise be dramatically lessened, including muscular issues like hypertension, chronic pain and menstrual cramps.

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It is estimated that one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, live with some form of disability. Accessibility is therefore a very important issue in the travel industry and one in the forefront of discussion as we pursue greater inclusion for all. The retreats below include accessible features and experiences to cater for the needs of the differently abled: ramps allow easy access to the pool or spa for wheelchair users; physiotherapeutic treatments can be performed by qualified staff to ease the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions; delicious, nutritious cuisine can be prepared within the parameters of even the most constraining diets. Every aspect of the wellness holiday experience is made as easy as possible for all people to be included.

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The UK’s travel entry regulations have tightened drastically in an effort to lessen the spread of coronavirus. All travel corridors have been closed, and from 18th January most international passengers will have to produce a negative PCR test in order to travel to the UK. The UK has also introduced a travel ban on all flights from South America and select countries due to the detection of a new strain of the virus in Brazil. 

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