• 5 of the Top Wellness Retreats for Culinary Experiences

    Healthy plant-based burger

    If you’re looking for the ultimate culinary experiences to enjoy on holiday, then look no further! For many of us, food is one of the top things we look forward to on a holiday – from trying local delicacies to indulging in luxury restaurants and exemplary service!

  • 8 Most Extravagant Dining Experiences Around the World

    If the average candlelit dinner just won’t cut it, these eight extravagant dining experiences are sure to satisfy. From Bedouin style brunches to tree-top gourmet dining, you are bound for a unique gourmand adventure that will tickle your fancy. Backed by a nutrition-centric retreat, these experiences will not only give you a taste of luxury, but also the benefits of healthy living. After satisfying your belly, wind down and satiate your need for pampering at the spa with a wide menu of indulgent treatments.

    Read on for some inspiration on your next foodie holiday. We won’t blame you if these extravagant dining experiences leave you drooling.

  • Wholefoods Chef and Holistic Nutritionist Lee Holmes

    Lee HolmesLee Holmes

    Lee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food: Eat Your Way to Health, Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful and Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian. She is a columnist with Wellbeing Magazine and her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals, as well as The Times and The Daily Express in the UK and The Huffington Post in the US. Lee’s blog won the overall award at the Bupa Health Influencer Awards in 2014 as well as the best blog in the Healthy Eating Category.


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