5 of the Top Wellness Retreats for Culinary Experiences

Healthy plant-based burger

If you’re looking for the ultimate culinary experiences to enjoy on holiday, then look no further! For many of us, food is one of the top things we look forward to on a holiday – from trying local delicacies to indulging in luxury restaurants and exemplary service!


If you’re looking for the ultimate culinary experiences to enjoy on holiday, then look no further! For many of us, food is one of the top things we look forward to on a holiday – from trying local delicacies to indulging in luxury restaurants and exemplary service!

With an array of luxury wellness retreats on offer, we’ve selected the best foodie retreats so both you and your taste buds can go on an adventure. Taste Michelin starred creations in the lush rolling green hills of North Yorkshire to raw and organic, home-grown cuisine in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, which even the most seasoned travellers regard as world-class dining. Explore new horizons and flavours as part of your wellness journey.


England: Couple’s Escape Spa at Grantley Hall

Grantley Hall


Grantley Hall is a perfect option, exuding luxury and tradition in their 17th century estate, just a drive away in the secluded rolling green hills of North Yorkshire. Find the smile you gave each other with this couple’s spa escape including a bottle of wine on arrival, to a spa treatment, a guidebook for the best walks to enjoy a day hiking together and tickets to Fountains Abbey. The gourmet culinary experiences are a highlight at Grantley Hall offering a unique fusion of British classics, plus Asian-inspired cuisine and celebrity Michelin starred Chef Shaun Rankin behind the Fine Dining restaurant at the hotel is guaranteed to delight you and your partner’s tastebuds.

Booking and Information: Grantley Hall


India: Foodie vacation vibes with Culinary Experience at Shreyas

Pool fountain at Shreyas

There are so many aspects of a healthy holiday to look forward to, from the change of scenery to escaping our routine responsibilities, why not mix things up with some nutrition coaching to bring the flavour of your wellness break back home.

Awaken your taste buds and savour the rich and varied cuisine of India on a culinary experience, that lets you not only try traditional recipes but learn how to make them as well. Set sail on a journey learning about the philosophy behind Indian cuisine, the holistic management of cooking and community exercises such as farming. Shreyas is a really whole wellness getaway, in keeping with the blissfully calm atmosphere you can enjoy massages, a wide range of spa treatments and unwind from your educational day with yoga classes or steam baths session.

Booking and Information: Shreyas


Turkey: Cleanse from the inside out with Raw Food Detox at Sianji Well-Being Resort

Sianji's water front sunbathing hutches

Elevating your energy levels, sharpening your focus and cleansing your skin and immune system needn’t come at the price of eating tasteless rabbit food on a detox holiday – in fact accessing these benefits couldn’t be more delicious!

Sianji Well-Being Resort is designed around healthy holistic living with a focus on nutrition and overall wellness. With 3 gourmet raw food meals a day, your views and accepted beliefs around food will alter, this culinary experience will show the effect raw and whole foods will have on your body and your mood, and Sianji have got this down to a fine art. Set out your goals with wellness specialists to ensure a bespoke stay, tailored entirely to your nutritional and overall wellness needs. Alongside vitalising meals, work up a sweat on the tennis courts or get involved in the daily activities from hiking to Pilates sessions, let’s not forget to direct access to the ocean from their private sunbathing hutches.

Booking and Information: Sianji Well-Being Resort


Portugal: Start afresh under the sun with Life Reset at Conrad Algarve

Infinity pool overlooking the view from Conrad Algarve

Never underestimate the power of a good meal – or several, as you’ll soon discover at Conrad Algarve in Portugal. Eating well brings us clarity, energy and puts the sparkle back in our eyes – all of which can be enjoyed at any of four onsite restaurants as part of a life coaching retreat.

Life reset fuses fitness, mindfulness and nutrition that will boost your wellness whatever your goal – from improving personal relationships to living a healthier lifestyle . Indulge in massages including Shiatsu to relieve stress, private yoga and Pilates classes, nature walks and the ultimate culinary experiences including Conrad Algarve’s elegant Gusto restaurant led by the three Michelin starred chef Heinz Beck, it does not get better than this! Enjoy the best foodie experiences, refocus your life, fully relax and learn how to incorporate long-term wellness into your lifestyle, all while getting sun kissed in the beautiful Mediterranean climate.

Booking and Information: Conrad Algarve


The Philippines: Be kind to your body with Detox at The Farm at San Benito

Yoga overlooking the tropical gardens at the Farm

Leave all your reservations about vegan food and lack thereof on holiday at home, with the ultimate nutrition friendly holiday in a sublime location.

The Farm’s award-winning vegan and sustainable restaurant is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is widely-regarded as a world-class dining experience. From blending, dehydrating, and soaking to add flavours, you will tempt your tastebuds and lean into healthier eating for better health to get more out of life. Alongside daily movement classes, wellness talks and an array of restorative spa treatments including psycho emotional clearing, massages and hydrotherapy. This secluded luxury resort is sure to have you feeling back on top of the world with energy, boosted immunity and glowing skin.

Booking and Information: The Farm at San Benito


Culinary experiences form a large part of our lives, from romantic meals, to feeding our families and they are a core element to our health and wellness. Dive into a foodie break infused with fitness, spa treatments or detoxification to achieve your goals in a sustainable and delightful manner. Why not get into the spirt ahead of your trip with our recipe page that will tease your palate and prepare you for the culinary delights that await!

Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your wellness retreat for the best culinary experiences today!


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