• Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Adala Bolto

    Adala Bolto is the Managing Director and co- founder of the newest female fitness movement that’s set to disrupt the industry, ZADI Training. ZADI Training will play an integral part in one of the highest growth sectors in the fitness industry - promising to ‘connect a community of likeminded women’ who are Inspiring, Empowered & Passionate!’.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Aida Rejzovic

    Aida Rejzovic is the proud founder of Sassy Organics and long-time user of organic products.
    She discovered that there was an abounding count of chemicals absorbed by our bodies found in our daily everyday products like toothpaste, hair, and body products. Unfortunately, these chemicals do have an impact on our health, particularly causing imbalances in female hormones and disrupting our gut. The transition to adopting a fully organic lifestyle has radically affected her wellbeing and Aida’s idea for Sassy Organics came from her belief that prevention is better than cure.

    About 20 years ago, being a passionate lover of animals, Aida made the decision to become a vegetarian, and about 2 years ago she became a vegan for ethical reasons. Her online ethical store is full of natural and organic beauty products which are all vegan and cruelty-free and she prides herself on making a commitment to never stock products that have been tested on animals or which include animal-based products. Sassy Organics makes it possible for anyone to embrace this lifestyle.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Alexx Stuart

    Alexx Stuart is the author of “Low Tox Life” and the founder of the thriving online education hub by the same name, made up of several e-courses, a podcast (one of the highest ranked in the health category in Australia), recipes, articles and community action resources for an ever-growing community of people wanting to be healthier and make our planet happier. She’s an educator, change agent, author, columnist, speaker and consultant at the forefront of a movement that’s non-judgmental and tough on the system that got us here.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Ali Cavill

    Ali Cavill is a Master Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Holistic Health Expert, Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer and Owner of Fit Fantastic, a leading fitness, health and wellness company.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Ali Cotton

    Ali Cotton is the founder and creative director of sports lifestyle brand, FIRST BASE

    Living and working in Bondi in late 2013, she was urged to create something that resonated with her own personal style ethos which was ultimately about stripping back everything unnecessary and getting down to the bones - going back to basics. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Ali Hill

    Ali Hill is the CEO of AFR Fast 100 company Pragmatic Thinking, a Psychologist, an award-winning business woman, an influential keynote speaker, producer and host of Stand Out Life podcast, regular on mainstream media, and a best-selling author. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Alisha Lynch

    Alisha is a naturopath, creator and owner of the Naughty Naturopath Mum flower essence range, blogger and mum to two young scallywags. Alisha loves to motivate and inspire people to keep healthy with her passion for gut health and encourages making good choices in life, especially in the areas of food and nutrition, emotional support like her flower essence remedies and keeping our stress levels down. She also likes to remind us that no-one is perfect and we often need to make mistakes to learn and occasionally be a bit ‘naughty’! Her belief is that balance and having fun in life are the most important things to achieve for our emotional and physical health.  

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Alison Morgan

    Alison Morgan is a specialist Online Business Coach based in Sydney, creating tailored Business & Marketing solutions for Small Businesses and Brands. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and 6+ years of Private Business Coaching clients throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, New Zealand, London & America; Alison will save you time and money, fast-tracking your success.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Alison Morgan

    Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading business coaches, specialising in helping health, wellness, beauty and lifestyle businesses grow their business, brand and profile. With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and over 7 years of private business coaching clients with her company Relauncher, Alison knows how to create successful businesses. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Amanda Greenbaum + Olivera Markovic

    The first of its kind, the annual Millennial Wine Beer & Spirits Competition was founded by Amanda Greenbaum and Olivera Markovic, millennial women themselves who have already made big waves in the wine industry. Amanda is the Vice President of AJA Vineyards,

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Amy Marshall

    Amy Marshall is the founder of jamesdaisy. She started jamesdaisy after having her second child, Josephine who is now 3 (Freddie who is 5). Prior to having two beautiful children, Amy had been in the advertising industry working as a producer in some of the worlds largest agencies. She worked on local, national and international television commercials and loved every minute of it!

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Analee Gale

    Analee Gale is the founder of All Smiles Creative, publisher and editor of OH! Magazine, Gym Click Media Newsroom, Push Play Media & Events, and YMCA Healthy Living.  

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Angie Stone

    Angie Stone is a nurse, wife, mother of 2 children and for 14 years, lived and worked around the world. She is also the co-founder of Creative Cities 21, a travel company that re-energises people with creative learning escapes to great cities of the world. With her health background and awareness of the benefits of more creativity in people lives, this is a new way for her to help people with a fun and holistic approach to wellness.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Annette Baulch

    International tantric facilitator and author, Annette Baulch, supports women from all backgrounds to find their voices, their power and their self-love. She does this by supporting their exploration of their relationship and sexual selves and all this means – whether it is loving, expansive, wild, wanton or sacred!

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Aroosha Nekonam

    Aroosha Nekonam is a 28-year-old Personal Trainer from Aberdeen, Scotland. She currently works at Ultimate Performance, the world’s leading personal training business. She is passionate about improving her clients’ quality of life through proper nutrition and exercise.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Audra Starkey

    Audra Starkey is a clinically trained nutritionist, accredited trainer, shift work veteran and host of The Healthy Shift Worker podcast.  After more than twenty years in the aviation industry, Audra decided to switch careers and complete a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, majoring in Nutritional Medicine, to gain a better understanding of the impact a disrupted sleep-wake cycle and poor dietary habits have on our health.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Ayesha Hilton

    Ayesha Hilton is a biz bestie mentor to women around the world. She is passionate about supporting women doing their soul work and making a great income – without sacrificing wellbeing and relationships. She runs the Blossom Success Academy, a mentoring and community for soulpreneurs. Ayesha is also an Amazon best-selling author and has written a number of books, created journals and colouring books.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Beth Borowsky

    Beth Borowsky holds a Masters in early childhood education, was a Montessori preschool teacher, course creator for Australian Curriculum Enhancement, is a mum, yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Bronwen Sciortino

    Bronwen Sciortino is an internationally renowned Author, Simplicity Expert and Professional Speaker who spent almost two decades as a high-powered, award-winning executive before experiencing a life-changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question “What if there’s a better way to live?”

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Brooke Turner

    Brooke Turner is the Founder of Balance Fitness & Nutrition, a qualified nutritionist, exercise scientist, personal trainer, speaker, freelance writer & Mother of two, with over 10 years’ experience in the health & fitness industry.

    Brooke is an international speaker, facilitator and trainer having previously presented at fitness conventions from Singapore to Sydney and writer having contributed to a range of print and online publications including Australian Fitness Network, OK!, New Weekly, Women’s Health & Fitness, STRONG, Man of Many, Polar global and more.

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