Wellness Holidays and Retreats

Wellness Holidays are our speciality – from de-stress and active escapes to spiritual and meditation retreats and all that’s in-between, your bespoke wellness needs will be catered to. If you’re serious about booking a wellness holiday with a specific health and fitness goal in mind, whether losing weight, improving fitness, detoxing or even a wellness tour, then our Wellness Travel Specialists can tailor-make the perfect healthy holiday for your own wellness goals. Take time out of your hectic lifestyle and escape to secluded wellness resorts and retreats in illustrious destinations for some much needed you time. Return feeling rebalanced and reinvigorated for whatever life throws your way.

From spa retreats to longevity programmes, yoga and sleep enhancement breaks and more. Italy is the ultimate European destination for wellness!

Escape to the tropical paradise that is St Lucia, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and offering numerous wellness programmes from detox to de-stress!

Discover inner peace in the Land of Smiles with wellness treatments passed down from ancient Eastern civilizations. Reinvigorate with a programme tailored to you!

Unwind in Bali's unrivalled and diverse landscape. Harness the healing power of soothing massage and Ayurverdic treatments against a stunning backdrop.
Rid your body of toxins in a supportive and luxurious environment, making way for better things for both mind and body.

Kickstart a new healthier lifestyle on a dedicated retreat that supports you in reaching or maintaining your fitness goals.

Perfect your posture and lean into wellness with a dedicated yoga retreat that will leave you feeling harmonised both inside and out!

Discover the ideal diet for your health and fitness objectives and sample delicious nutrient-dense fare from accomplished chefs worldwide!

Connect with your body, mind and spirit in an illustrious destination on an all-encompassing wellness tour.
Reach a heightened awareness, increase your attentiveness, and reconnect with the present on a mindfulness retreat.
Hone your wellness with a focused activity holiday be it cycling, golfing or a mixture of multiple disciplines.
Lose unwanted weight sustainably with the help of experienced professionals on a dedicated retreat.
A bespoke retreat could be just what you need to address health issues or kickstart a healthier lifestyle, discover how to choose the right one for you today!

The ultimate list of the top wellness retreats worldwide. Boost your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with our retreats in illustrious destinations!

Discover the most life-changing wellness retreats to help you overhaul your life for the better wherever your focus may lie.

With a plethora of health-enhancing options to choose from, why not supercharge your fitness with a tailored retreat at any one of our luxurious destinations?
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