• The 7 Most Expensive Remote Luxury Wellness Hotels in the World


    The world seems to be getting smaller. In the past 45 years, the population of the world has almost doubled and it shows no signs of slowing. It is becoming harder to get the peace we need from the mania of the modern world. However, there are oases out there. These remote luxury wellness retreats prioritise your peace of mind for a holiday in incredible comfort. In some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes, they envelop you in a retreat experience that aims to rid you of all anxiety. From the Gulf of Oman, to the Maldives and on to the Caribbean, there are remote luxury wellness hotels to satisfy every taste in culture and climate. For a truly reliably and exclusive time, arrive at your glamorous destination on a chartered private jet: organised, hassle free, by our Health and Fitness Travel team. For those looking to immerse themselves in peaceful seclusion, here are the 7 most expensive remote luxury wellness hotels in the world. 

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