• 10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday

    10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday


    International travel, as we once knew it, has changed exponentially. Some countries have even closed the gates for international tourists People are now much more likely to book a ‘staycation’ – a holiday in their home country. Staycations have allowed people to reconsider their holidays and what they want from them, particularly those who are drawn to fitness and wellbeing.

  • 5 of the Best Wellness Retreats to Work from Holiday On

    working from holiday


    Whilst travel as we know it has changed drastically over the last year, we’ve seen a growing demand from business travellers who are looking to work from holiday and book long stay wellness workcations ranging from 30 to 60 nights at a time.

  • Give the Gift of Wanderlust this Valentine’s Day

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    During these uncertain times, having something to look forward to can be vastly beneficial to a healthy disposition and a resilient mental state. COVID-19 restrictions have left many couples with a heightened sense of wanderlust and a strong desire to escape away to recharge their batteries and allow the body and mind time to restWith Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s an ideal time to plan far ahead and book a romantic bespoke retreat for you and your partner, something you can look toward in these trying timesWhether you yearn for an amorous getaway or a chance to exert yourselves with a focus on fitness and rejuvenation, you are sure to find the perfect wellness holiday for you!  

  • The Best All-Inclusive Wellness Resorts

    The Best All-Inclusive Wellness Resorts

    All-inclusive holidays are the perfect chance to experience a stress-free, convenient retreat with no hidden costs involved. Having the day-to-day freedom to choose which activities, treatments or adventures you’d love to embark on is what makes all-inclusive breaks as relaxing and as beneficial to you as possible. Whether it’s a range of holistic spa treatments that takes your fancy, mindful yoga classes or even exciting water sports, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on these amazing getaways! Keep reading to discover some of the best all-inclusive wellness resorts on the planet alongside all their unforgettable experiences on offer: 

  • Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2023 

    Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2023 

    With wellness becoming even greater of a priority for travellers, new travel trends within this niche are always emerging to fit the needs of all manner of people. For the past year, travelling has become accessible once more, but the memories of the COVID-19 pandemic remain. Health anxieties, mental health awareness, sober-curiosity, and other factors are seeping into the industry,and will undoubtfully continue into 2023.  

    Other wellness travel trends set to dominate in 2023 include more provision of sustainable and air-free wellness retreats, as well as more affordable holidays due to the cost of living crisis. We know that you want a wellness holiday that adapts to your current mindset and living situation. Taking into account our most requested retreat types for 2022, here are the top 10 wellness travel trends for 2023. 

  • What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?

    What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?


    Booking a holiday can appear intimidating, there are so many factors to consider; travel costs, accommodation, activities when there, the ease of travelling around destination and more – especially when you’re booking every element of your holiday by yourself. With this in mind we wanted to explore what travellers think of tailor-made travel companies like ourselves. 

  • Where to Go for Winter Wellness in 2022/2023

    Woman sitting down and relaxing, looking at views on a Winter Wellness retreat


    With winter soon approaching, you may be anxious of the impact that the disappearing sun and biting cold of the season to come can have on your health, particularly if you already find yourself prone to illness. Don’t let the winter blues get you down - trade freezing shivers for warming wellness as you absorb vitamin D on your luxury well-being escape. Put a fresh pep in your step with ourimmune-boosting retreats for some health advancement and winter sunshine! Let’s unveil where you should go for your perfectwinterwellness retreatin 2022/2023: 

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