What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?

What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?


Booking a holiday can appear intimidating, there are so many factors to consider; travel costs, accommodation, activities when there, the ease of travelling around destination and more – especially when you’re booking every element of your holiday by yourself. With this in mind we wanted to explore what travellers think of tailor-made travel companies like ourselves. 

Booking with a tailor-made company can put travellers’ minds at ease and relieve the mayhem of holiday booking. However, how do you know you are getting the best deals? Ultimately, you need trust within the company you are booking with. At Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday experts, we pride ourselves on supplying an exemplary wellness travel concierge service whether you are a solo traveller or booking with friends and family, to make a holiday booking an overall enjoyable and exciting experience – as it should be! 

Price and Offers  

A recent survey by Vamoos showed that 43% of consumers would pick tailor-made travel companies if they were assured that they would be getting as good of a price if not better. This is understandable as no one wants to get ripped off! But the clue really is in the name – a tailor-made travel company will be able to recommend a holiday that works entirely for you – including your budget.  Better still, they can also secure you value-added extras for booking with them as well as preferential pricing, thanks to their relationships with travel suppliers around the world. A travel company that ensures offers on holidays and has clear pricing has proven to develop trust within customers. 

At Health and Fitness Travel we empathise with these concerns and prioritise transparency with our clients when it comes to quoting you for your wellness holiday.  

Joe de Souza reviewed that through contact with our Wellness Travel Specialists, they were able to source ‘the best possible deal and that Health and Fitness Travel offers great advice on the holiday. I would highly recommend.’ 

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Everyone has busy lives, the hectic pace of the modern day doesn’t leave much time to scour the internet, organising your dream holiday. Hence, why it is unsurprising that is the Vamoos survey found 44% of consumers would choose convenience as their key decider to pick a tailor-made travel company. A clear outline of what you will get from a holiday, what is included with the programme you choose, having flights as an optional bundle and having your ideal holiday itinerary all organised  saves vital time doing the research and making the bookings yourself. Such convenience adds great value to booking with a tailor-made travel company over others. Whether you are looking for a fitness holiday, a more of an adventure type or perhaps have a specific sport that you want to delve into, clears up the fuss of having to seek such activities for yourself.  

Same goes if there’s a particular continent that you want to explore. Whether it is travels in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the right company will be able to give you options that suit the length of your desired holiday as well as your budget and the activities you’d like to do whilst you there.  

This is especially important when it comes to wellness travel. Often, wellness travellers are very focussed on the purposes of their trips. They are booking with a goal in mind such as losing weight, learning mindfulness or honing their yoga skills. With a saturated market, it can be hard to pinpoint the best resorts or retreat programmes to go for. Holiday time is precious after all – and we believe you deserve the best – which is why we hand-pick all of the resorts we work with and regularly review them to ensure the highest quality wellness experiences for all of our clients. 

Rebecca was looking for a fitness holiday and glowed that a ‘key highlight were the exercise programmes, in particular super yoga teachers and an amazing healthy menu. Booking was made very easy with swift responses from the Health and Fitness Travel Team and frequent communication when needed.’ 

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Reliable Holiday Booking

When taking the time to research and gain all the information for your own holiday yourself, travellers are assured that they have the best information for their holiday at hand, usually because they’ve put hours of research into it. 46% of such individual travellers believe that this method ensures the reassurance that they have organised their holidays to the finest detail.  We get it, no one wants to feel unprepared when going on holiday - it’s a new area, culture, it’s money and time.

Like you, when we go on holiday – we want to know all of the finer details about where we’re going and whether it caters to our unique needs. Which is why you’ll find a wealth of helpful information on our retreat and resort pages that not only includes the details of your retreat but helpful things to know like how accessible the resort is, what’s nearby, what the dining options are as well as the highs and lows of each resort.  

Ensuring you have everything you need prior to departing for your wellness holiday is an essential part of our booking process, we’re also on hand to answer any queries whilst you are away and look forward to your feedback upon your return. 

We take pride in over 60% of our clients returning year after year due to the trust and positive experiences that we create with those that go on our holiday’s. Health and Fitness Travel clients can  take comfort in knowing their holidays are in safe hands with us and that everything has been arranged as they specified at booking. 

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Holidays for you

When picking a travel company to book with, travellers want to be assured that the company aligns with their holiday desires. A traveller wouldn’t pick a healthy retreat company if they’re looking for a binge-drinking weekend for example!  

Asking people about their reluctance to book with a travel company, many have the money to book such a holiday – you know your budget! But want the assurance that what they are booking conforms with their vision and that should they experience any troubles, a reliable company will be there to help them set it right. Choosing a company that is ATOL and or TTA aligned also gives further peace of mind that holidays are protected.  

At Health and Fitness Travel, we want our clients to experience their vision of a seamless wellness holiday. Jess reviewed a 5-day fitness retreat to be ‘perfection from start to finish' and explained that our Wellness Travel Specialists ‘made sure that the programme was tailored to my preference and the experience was perfect. The staff went above and beyond to ensure I had the most amazing experience. Best money I have ever spent and it was worth every penny! Thank you once again!’ 

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With work, school holidays and busy social lives – it can be hard to squeeze in a holiday and often only certain dates will work within people’s schedules. Therefore, a level of flexibility is vital to travellers that travel companies can indeed work within the dates that work for them.  

Even if it is a short break away, you want to be able to experience the holiday that you have in mind in all its glory!  

Whether that is a pampering spa moment, a healthy reset, or a fitness endeavour, a travel company should align with your holiday ideals!   

Perhaps you want something longer, a variety of retreat lengths as well as bespoke quotes for any length of stay ensures your holiday fits around you. Even if it is a whole year out! 

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To conclude, we have found over the 12 years of running a wellness travel company that travellers primarily want trustworthy and reliable healthy holiday experiences that offer all they were expecting and more. So, be assured that booking with us won’t leave you misinformed or lost! Take the stress away of coordinating your ideal holiday into the hands of experts that can do it for you! 

Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect wellness holiday today.   


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