Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2023 

Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2023 

With wellness becoming even greater of a priority for travellers, new travel trends within this niche are always emerging to fit the needs of all manner of people. For the past year, travelling has become accessible once more, but the memories of the COVID-19 pandemic remain. Health anxieties, mental health awareness, sober-curiosity, and other factors are seeping into the industry,and will undoubtfully continue into 2023.  

Other wellness travel trends set to dominate in 2023 include more provision of sustainable and air-free wellness retreats, as well as more affordable holidays due to the cost of living crisis. We know that you want a wellness holiday that adapts to your current mindset and living situation. Taking into account our most requested retreat types for 2022, here are the top 10 wellness travel trends for 2023. 

Body Immunity 

ayurveda healing

The aftermath of COVID-19 has left us all much more aware of how to look after our bodies. Despite the prominence of masks decreasing since the pandemic, many are still concerned with how easily diseases can be obtained and the long term effects of these on the body. If health anxieties over the wellbeing of your body immunity have been a background worry that you want to prioritise then why not prioritise your welfare by going on a tailored immunity wellness retreat. Have your body investigated and equip it with the tools it needs to counteract outside threats. On these retreats, it doesn’t have to feel like a hospital check-up, following in-depth consultations and treatments you can relax in the spas, work on your fitness and take in all your surroundings have to offer. Return feeling stronger and ready to take on whatever the rest of the year brings! 

Top 3 Destinations: RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat, Park Igls, Atmantan Wellness Resort 


Plant-Based Retreats  

Two women shopping for vegetables 

A shift in diet towards a more plant-based one doesn’t always have to be environmental and ethical reasons, although they are a great reason to stop the consumption of animal products. It has been shown in a recent survey that 39% of people are intrigued by this shift in food consumption due to the benefits of a more nutritional diet of eating more fruit and vegetables. What you put in your body, really helps reflect not just how you feel in yourself but also your bodily functions. One way to improve your health is to consume a more nutritional diet. Our retreats ensure that not only will your food be aligned with your moral obligations but will also be delicious, fresh, organic and all completely animal-free in line with what your body needs! Learn the basis of a well-rounded vegan or plant-centred diet on one of our nutrition-friendly retreats and you’ll never look back! 

Top 3 Destinations: Raw Food Detox at Sianji Well-Being Resort, Detox at the Farm at San Benito, All- Inclusive Wellness Retreat at Phuket Cleanse   


Animal Therapy Retreats  

Snorkelling under water with fish

Anxiety is a part of many people’s lives, it can sometimes become overwhelming and difficult to pull out of. Animals have been found to have a major impact on mental health. Animal therapy retreats, allow you and your loved ones to be around animals, of all different types, in the most exotic and interesting of places. Grab a snorkel and jump in the ocean to see a beautiful array of fish, cast your eyes over the side of a sailing boat as dolphins leap through the air; or go an adventure to see the variety of wildlife this beautiful planet has to offer. Feel calmer, comforted, and relieve your stress in the company of these incredible animals as part of an engaging wellness, sailing or active tour! 

Top 3 Destinations: Active Tour – Galapagos, Sailing Tour – Maldives, Wellness Tour - Iceland 


Air-Free Travel   

Women in furry coat on train 

When going travelling now, there is the growing awareness of the effects that our carbon footprint has on the environment. However, this shouldn’t scare you off travelling! With air-free travel, the journey becomes a part of the holiday. Slower travels on our luxury retreats, transport you to these extravagant resorts and makes the trip as glamorous as the destination! Not only eco-friendlier and more sustainable; it means that you can travel guilt-free of too much harm to the environment. Tailor made travel companies such as ourselves also organise the whole trip for you! So stress-free too! 

Top 3 Destinations: Gleneagles, Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Grantley Hall 


Affordable Retreats 

Absolute Sanctuary

It’s getting more expensive by the minute to keep the heating on in the house, a freddo has gone up a gazillion times and the cost-of-living crisis is taking its toll on everyone. Therefore, it is unsurprising that affordable retreats are going to be a major wellness travel trend in 2023. More budget friendly holidays allow you to get the break that you so much deserve, kick your feet up and relax, or follow your wellness passions, without worrying about any major dents in the bank account! Everyone deserves a getaway, especially with the stresses of modern-day life. Therefore, make the most of offers and cheaper, yet still lush retreats! 

Top 3 Destinations: BodyBreak at Galo Resort, Fusion Fitness at Absolute Sanctuary, Sianji Well-Being Resort 


Emotional Healing Retreat 

Emotional healing woman

We understand that wellness does not only cover physical wellbeing, but also your mental and emotional welfare. With the stigma of talking about mental health slowly being broken, there is no need to shy away from accepting help to deal with your troubles. Emotional healing retreats leave you in the hands of professionals and specialists that will help with your ability to deal with any mental adversity. Whether it is depression, anxiety or PTSD and trauma, you shouldn’t have to suffer alone. These comprehensive retreats use nutrition, exercise and a variety of wellness and mental health therapies to help those that need help get it and improve their mental wellbeing in a meaningful and lasting way.    

Top 3 Destinations: Sleep at Six Senses Ibiza, Resilience After Crisis at Park Igls, Embracing Change at Kamalaya.  


Working Wellness Holidays 

woman working online by the pool

A lot of our lives changed after the pandemic in more ways than one. However, one major change for many was switching between in office to online or gaining a great hybrid of the two. By having the ability to work from home – you can essentially work from anywhere. Welcome working wellness holidays, retreats that are custom-made to help you work while abroad on a wellness escape! A holiday without work leave! LinkedIn did research that showed 28% of online workers went on a vacation whilst working and found that it positively affected their work ethic. Living by the saying ‘change is greater than a rest’, we look forward to seeing this trend continue to take off in 2023 and hope to see more corporates also embracing the trend by planning their corporate wellness retreats with us. 

Top Destinations: Wellbeing Sabbatical at Kamalaya, Lifestyle Change at Absolute Sanctuary, New Life at Longevity Health & Wellness.   


Addiction Retreats 

Dad and daughter on the beach

Modern day life is more and more shifting online. A report showed that in 2022 an average of 5 hours was spent online by adults in the UK. Considering that is nearly a third of the time we are awake, those are crazy numbers. The consumption of the internet can leave a detachment from the real world, detox retreats allow you to finally forget about your phone and enjoy the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Indulge in a wellness retreat where you can feel physically and mentally better without the nagging urge to check your phone. Detoxes from addictive substances such as alcohol, drugs, and smoking can lead to physical withdrawals, these retreats create a safe, stress-free environment, where professionals can help you through this lifestyle change. Be taught new habits, engage in new mindsets, and kick your ill habits for good! 

Top Destinations: Rebalance & Anti-Tobacco at SHA Wellness, Digital Detox at Pine Cliffs Resort, De-Addiction at Santani Wellness Spa   


Alcohol-Free Retreats 

People doing yoga on grass 

The pandemic led to many people taking up or increasing their alcohol intake, if this was you and you’d like to change your relationship with alcohol then an alcohol-free retreat could offer just the reset you need – in body and mind.  

Or perhaps for whatever reason, you just don’t drink anyway and aren’t looking to mix with people that do.  

If, you are seeking like-minded people that enjoy having fun free of alcoholic beverages then these retreats are for you. Improve your physical and mental health with a detox, pampered by spa treatments and enter the glowing sober life! 

Top Destinations: Absolute Sanctuary 


Family Wellness Retreats 

Children on the beach

Between long hours at work, kids at school and frantic social lives, finding quality time together can be difficult. Going on holiday and making vital memorable experiences with loved ones is being more and more sought through active holidays. Activities that entertain the whole family, exhilarate the children and the parents too have become much more popular over fly and flop holidays. This more comprehensive style of holiday not only allows the family to appreciate each other’s company, but also practice or discover new hobbies! Offering great value for money, and lasting healthy effects, these family wellness holidays give you the opportunity to have a fulfilling get away you’ll remember forever. 

Top Destinations: Family TimeTogether at Porto Elounda, Family TimeTogether at Paradis Plage, Family TimeTogether at Forte Village.   

If any of these trends have sparked your interest for a holiday in 2023 then don’t sit and ponder! 

Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect wellness retreat in 2023.    

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