• The Best Group Tour Holidays for Single Travellers

    So many holidays are focused on three things: sun, sea and sand. The mentality of holiday-goers in the hot months of the year are purely to top up a tan, read a book and lie on a sunbed achieving nothing. This fly and flop approach neglects the unique and special cultures and hidden havens of the world.

  • 10 Back to Nature Fitness Holidays

    Move the gym outside and conquer the natural world during a memorable fitness holiday designed to take you and your family back to nature, and get your endorphins pumping with fun and exciting fitness activities. Discover the world’s best holiday destinations for natural wonders where you can appreciate the breath-taking views whilst also enjoying a rejuvenating break from reality.

  • 10 Best Beach Destinations for Well-being Honeymoons

    The tranquil and idyllic nature of our beach wellness honeymoons is what makes them a forever favourite amongst newlyweds. Opt for something a little different by incorporating elements of health and well-being, for a truly unforgettable healthy honeymoon.

  • 10 Fun, Active Trips to get Fit and Healthy in 2018

    The beginning of the New Year marks the season for us to make resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. However, despite our efforts, most of our determination fades away within a couple weeks. By choosing rushed and unrealistic approaches like restrictive diets and monotonous workouts that promise quick results, we are not able to sustain the lifestyle we want and eventually fall back into old habits. Rather than looking to short-term fixes, we should focus on developing fun fitness habits that make us feel energised and happy.

  • 10 of the Best New Year Well-being Retreats for Healthy Holidays

    Best New Year Well-being Retreats for Healthy Holidays


    Get back on the wellness wagon and kick start your New Year’s resolution with our selection of well-being holidays, health spas, detox retreats and fitness breaks. Whether you’re looking to learn a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, quit smoking or beat insomnia, begin your wellness journey on a luxury healthy holiday this New Year and learn to break bad habits long-term.

  • 10 of the World's Best Holiday Destinations for Natural Wonders

    Witness the natural wonders of the world unfold before your eyes, from verdant tropical forests to sky-high mountain peaks, down to the vast expanse of the Great Barrier Reef. Visit the most stunning places on earth with our healthy holiday destinations where you can satisfy your wanderlust whilst enhancing your wellness. With many ancient cultures believing in the healing power of nature, take a leaf out of their book as you allow yourself to relax in hot springs or natural steam saunas at some of the world’s top wellness retreats. Stay active as you hike across stunning foothills, or find stillness by practising yoga amongst lush landscapes. Combining your adventures with luxury spa treatments and calming meditation sessions, you will return home renewed, refreshed and with a collection of inspiring stories to tell. Here, we share our top 10 holiday destinations showcasing natural wonders from around the globe.

  • 12 of the Best Healthy Honeymoons for Active Couples

    12 of the Best Healthy Honeymoons for Active Couples


    For most newlyweds, the word ‘honeymoon’ is connected to visions of sipping a cocktail, whilst lazing about on a remote paradise beach. As alluring as this image is to many, the idea of being so sedentary on holiday is not always appealing to every couple.

  • 14 of the Best Exotic Yoga Holidays for Discovery & Adventure

    14 of the Best Exotic Yoga Holidays for Discovery & Adventure

    From the serene mountaintops of the Himalayas, to the idyllic beaches of Thailand, yogi lovers can enhance their practice across the globe on our luxury yoga holidays, with hand-selected retreats in some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

    If you’re tired of your hectic daily schedule and visiting the same yoga studio every week, take a look at our 14 best exotic yoga retreats for discovery and adventure, and improve your well-being whilst exploring new corners of the world, to return home feeling happier and healthier.


  • 5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    If you want to get in shape and make some health changes, these five fitness retreats in the Mediterranean are the best destinations to kick-start your journey. Whatever they may be, put your well-being in the hands of professional health experts and not only learn new techniques to push your body to the max, but also learn how to fuel your body the right way. Whether traversing Greece, Turkey or Croatia, you may enjoy our exclusive Fitness Fusion retreats which are aimed to offer you an all-encompassing fitness program tailored to your needs. With full access to the complimentary group classes and spa facilities, further your fitness journey even more and reap the rewards long after your stay.

  • 5 of our Best Cycling Holidays

    Are you after an exciting activity holiday which involves cycling around some of the world’s most beautiful destinations? Do you want to absorb the great outdoors in these desirable places and increase your sense of well-being? Not only does cycling have many health and fitness benefits, it is also an exhilarating and fun way to explore new destinations and truly immerse yourself in foreign landscapes.

  • 5 of the Best Family Adventure Holidays

    5 of the Best Family Adventure Holidays


    In need of some family time? Leave those busy, hectic lives behind, reconnect with your loved ones on a family holiday and cherish those special memories made. Travel to Morocco for great surfing conditions or venture to Mauritius where your children can enjoy crab hunting or cooking classes. With many different kids’ clubs, your children can enjoy exhilarating activities and learn new skills while making new friends, making their experience on a family adventure holiday extremely memorable. Keep up with your kids and embrace the outdoors with mountain biking or family yoga sessions to improve your family’s well-being and general health before dining on highly rated, locally sourced and delicious cuisine from all over the world. Achieve everything you want to on your tailor-made family adventure holiday and reenergise and boost your health as a subsequence.

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays

    Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays


    Not convinced by the idea of flying and flopping on a beach and being inactive on your honeymoon? We realise that beach honeymoons with a minimal amount of fitness activity don’t float every couple’s boat, so why not kick-start married life the healthy way!

  • 5 of the Best Tennis & Spa Holidays

    If you’re looking for an active holiday, why not try a tennis and spa getaway for a healthy holiday at one of our luxury resorts. Tennis is an easy sport to take up with good health benefits for a distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to de-stress whilst getting fit at the same time. If you fancy a break from the court, the spas at our resorts offer the perfect way to unwind on a luxury spa holiday; with a fantastic range of treatments to pamper and soothe tired muscles. Therefore why waste your time lying on a beach when you could be putting your mind and body to good use. We select our top 5 destinations for a tennis and spa holiday.

  • 5 of the Best Travel Gadgets for an Active Holiday

    Fitness technology and gadgets are an excellent way to make sure you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. With new advancements in technology, you can measure your fitness stats; calculate your heart rate, distance covered and time to gain an insight into your health. These new tech gadgets are extremely accurate and easy to use making them a must have for any fitness enthusiast. They can shed light on the ways that you exercise, track changes and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. These handy gadgets are useful to take with you when travelling on an active holiday so you can continue to work on your health and fitness.

  • 6 Amazing Locations for a Yoga Holiday

    Amazing Locations for a Yoga Holiday

    Yoga calms the mind and revitalises the body; nothing helps this more than a yoga retreat with a spectacular view and beautiful surroundings to melt your troubles away. Whether you want to practice yoga with a sea view or surround yourself with beautiful Tuscan countryside; discover a number of breath-taking locations around the world to enhance your practice on our relaxing and invigorating yoga holidays.

  • 7 Steps to Holiday Heaven

    by: Qantas Assure

    Having a great holiday invariably depends on how well you’ve planned your trip, packed your bags – and attended to all the little things that can make a big difference later. Here we share 7 of the top things to consider before you go on holiday to help avoid potential disasters.

  • Buccament Bay: A Week in Paradise

    Buccament Bay is becoming the most talked about place in the Caribbean, a luxury five star resort with outstanding facilities which I got to experience myself. The new resort on the little island of St Vincent has exceptional facilities for the active traveller; these include a Liverpool FC Soccer School, a Pat Cash Tennis Academy, a performing arts centre with classes led by West End professionals, fitness centre and a spa. Scenes from one of my favourite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean were shot nearby.

  • Claudia & Rebecca's Review of GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent

    Review of GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent

    GI Jane Bootcamp is the perfect destination for women looking to achieve their personal best when it comes to fitness. The military style exercise regime is incredibly rigorous, full of fun and the healthy meals are meticulously prepared and portioned to help your body to achieve its maximum performance.

  • Easter Family Active Holidays: The Best Offers

    Easter Family Active Holidays: The Best Offers

    Forget chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, what most parents want this Easter is an enjoyable family activity holiday. The 2013 Easter break is a good time to venture abroad as you can enjoy any type of fun-filled getaway from activity holidays in Mexico, sports holidays in the Caribbean to traditional beach breaks in Portugal or healthy holidays in Mauritius.

  • Fathers Day Health and Fitness Revival

    Father's Day is just around the corner and you know what that means? It's time to show your dads how much you appreciate them and how you are genuinely concerned about their well-being. With life becoming increasingly complex with work, social and family demands, fathers are finding less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are stressed from trying to juggle work deadlines, raising children and finding time to connect with their wives. Stress is likely to be a major role in our dads' lives, not to mention the concerns of potential health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, which are ranked as the top three health issues plaguing men. It's important to take interest in these concerns and to help fathers in preventing them, which can be done through the right diet and exercise. What better than to book an active and healthy holiday for your dad!

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