Why is Tennis Good for your Health: Top 5 Benefits

Why is Tennis Good for your Health


With Wimbledon approaching once again there’s never been a better time to get into tennis. But instead of simply sipping Pimm’s and eating strawberries and cream whist you watch the pros hard at work, this summer why not pick up a racket and hit the court?  It’s easy, fun and offers a whole range of health benefits. So whether you are looking to perfect your serve on a dedicated tennis holiday or simply work up a sweat on your local courts, we’ve listed our top 5 reasons why tennis is so good for your health.

1. Cardiovascular health and fitness

Tennis is an aerobic sport so is perfect for those seeking to improve their fitness and boost their well-being on a healthy holiday. The College Alumni Health Study showed that men who burn 2,000 calories a week live two years longer than those who do not, and tennis is a proven calorie burner: the average person burns 500 calories during an hour of singles. A few sessions on the court could see you getting fitter and losing weight before you know it.

Tennis courst at The Oitavos

Tennis courts at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

2. Agility, flexibility and coordination

Tennis is a dynamic sport that uses your whole body: the feet move you round the court, the legs and upper body provide the power for the shots and the arms and hands dictate the trajectory of the ball.  All of this is fantastic for improving full body coordination, not just hand-eye. As you dodge left and right to reach the ball your speed and agility will improve as well as your balance.  Along with regular stretching tennis can also greatly increase your flexibility. While doing the splits Djokovic-style might be a tad ambitious, being more flexible helps to reduce back pain, injury and muscle strain.

3. Strong bones

While tennis is great for growing kids, people of all ages can benefit from the sport.  As we get older, our bones become more fragile and a nasty fall can be all the more dangerous. Going for a knockabout can help to reverse this process by increasing bone density as well as muscle strength.  Weight-bearing exercises tend to be the best for this but just moving your body against the resistance of gravity can be enough to prevent common wellness complaints such as osteoporosis and help increase your longevity.

Tennis coaching at Aphrodite Hills

Tennis coaching at Aphrodite Hills

4. Mental health

While going to the gym is good, it’s not the most mentally stimulating activity. Tennis on the other hand requires quick-thinking, good decision-making and keeps your mind, as well as your body, active. Studies have shown that repetitive activities make the neurons that transmit information more fixed and rigid. By contrast, sports like tennis aid brain activity and boost your ability to transfer information and develop new neural connections. Winning in tennis also takes a good deal of mental strength; tactics and strategic play are vitally important and can help improve constructive thinking, memory and mental capacity.

5. It's fun!

Although not an obvious health benefit, tennis can be a lot of fun and a good way to unwind after a stressful day. The great thing is, even if you’ve never held a racket in your life, you can be sure to find someone of your ability to play with. It’s also open to all ages; anyone who thinks they’re too old should look at 42 year-old Kimiko Date-Krumm, who first qualified for Wimbledon in 1989, reached the third round last year, seeing off players half her age. Tennis is also an excellent way to meet new people on a singles holiday and enjoy a bit of healthy competition whilst you get fit! For some inspiration and ideas view our recommended destinations for the world’s best tennis holidays.

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