• 10 Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Travel

    10 Healthy Eating Tips for Holiday Travel


    Being confined to the cramped space and high sugar meals of an aeroplane for several hours can have a number of detrimental effects on our bodies, leaving us feeling tired and bloated when we eventually reach our healthy holiday destination. Transform your journey with a healthy change of pace as we share our 10 healthy eating tips for holiday travel.

  • 10 Superfoods to Stay Slim

    10 Superfoods to Stay Slim

    When it comes to staying fit and healthy, we all know that a combination of exercise and a balanced diet is the key. Whilst exercising is mostly straightforward - increasing the heart rate to burn calories - there can be a difficulty in finding the right foods to best compliment working out. With so much to choose from and an array of hidden ingredients, you never know what you might be eating. Superfoods (so called owing to their 'super' health benefits) may be the answer to this problem. By incorporating them into our everyday diet we reduce the risk of chronic disease and can even prolong life. 

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Health

    10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Health

    We are constantly being fed information from new studies about what is good and bad for our health. The facts can often contradict each other and be misleading, so instead we have compiled a list of simple, useful and lesser-known facts about our health. Here are our top 10:

  • A Guide to Healthy Eating and Vegan Food in Bali

    A Guide to Healthy Eating and Vegan Food in Bali

    Our Naturopathic Nutrition Wellness Expert Hollie Bailey shares her guide to healthy eating and vegan food in Bali

  • A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine

    A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine


    Based on Taoist philosophy and originating in Japan, the macrobiotic diet focuses on restoring the balance of yin and yang in your body. The word macrobiotic comes from ‘macro’, which means big, and ‘bios’, meaning life. Translated, therefore, it means ‘great life’ and is intended to be undertaken as a way of life that aims to achieve total wellness, as opposed to just a diet.

  • Ayurvedic Healing Foods at Ananda in the Himalayas


  • Good Gut Feeling: Digestive Health

    Matthew Powell

    by Matthew Powell

    A Body Aware Specialist

    From the moment food is swallowed it begins a 25-30 foot journey of breakdown, release, absorption, addition, and removal. The processing of this food uses a staggering 9 times the amount of nerves than are present in the brain AND spinal cord. For this reason, scientists dub this Enteric Nervous System (ENS) the body’s “Second Brain”.

  • Good Gut Feeling: Digestive Health

    Justine Glenton

    by Justine Glenton

    An Ashtanga & Zen Yoga Teacher

    Keeping a healthy gut is vital to our quality of well-being and yoga is a perfect practice to maintain and assist this area in our body. The relationship between stress and the stomach is a complicated one, but most people notice some change in their bowel habits when they are under stress. Practicing yoga, meditation, prayer, or any other form of stress reduction can greatly benefit the gut.

  • The Best Healthy Cooking Holidays

    the best healthy cooking holidays


    Ever been on holiday and lamented that you can’t cook such tasty, healthy dishes at home? Discover the secrets to healthy cooking on our wellness holidays and learn to create delicious and nutritious dishes packed full of well-being benefits. Served with a side order of fitness classes, spa therapies and educational seminars these healthy learning holidays will boost your overall wellness as well as your culinary prowess. Here, we present our favourite healthy cooking holidays to achieve all-round wellness.

  • The Best Raw and Vegan Food Wellness Retreats

    Best Raw and Vegan Food Wellness Retreats


    Travel to our best raw and vegan food wellness retreats to discover a world of joyful celebrations of food that is clean, nutrient-dense and life-giving. Raw and vegan foods are about listening to our bodies, embracing food in its beautiful natural form and taking the focus off animal products and processed foods. This could be a daunting prospect for those who feature meat and dairy regularly in their diets, but a raw and vegan food wellness holiday allows you to freely explore this exciting way of nourishing yourself. What’s more, these luxury wellness retreats offer expert guidance and a dream destination in which to naturally lose weight, embark on a detox holiday or learn how to embrace raw veganism long-term.

  • The Pros and Cons of a Juice Cleanse Retreat

    The Pros and Cons of a Juice Cleanse Retreat


    Juice cleanses have been the subject of much controversy in recent years, with many professing the physical and mental health benefits and observing an increase in energy levels, improvement in digestion and an overall heightened sense of well-being, whilst others express doubt and cynicism. Here are some of the pros and cons of a juice cleanse retreat.

  • Top 5 Healthy Gut Holidays

    Top 5 Healthy Gut Holidays


    When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and medical check-ups are just one part of the equation. Giving your body an appropriate diet and nutritional intake to go alongside these great active habits is key to aim for faster, higher vitality. A healthy gut can make a substantial difference to your immune system and many other vital health aspects, helping control digestion and balancing hormones for example. Keeping these aspects of your health in check is very important to provide your gut with healthy bacteria and immune cells which help ward off infectious agents like viruses and fungi. 

  • Top 8 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

    Top 8 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss

    If you're looking to watch your weight there are so many healthy drinks that can help aid weight loss, simply by drinking them you can feel fuller than if you had drunk a fizzy drink, which can help stop snacking during the day.

  • Top Health Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

    Top health benefits of an alkaline diet

    Shining the spotlight on one of the biggest foodie breakouts of the last few years, we share why an alkaline diet is so good for you and how you can begin your own journey in to this healthy lifestyle.

  • Virginia Harper (SHA Wellness Clinic)


  • Where to Learn About Healthy Nutrition on Holiday

    Where to Learn About Healthy Nutrition on Holiday

    With many fad diets offering nothing more than a short-term fix and unsustainable practices, losing weight and keeping it off can be two very different things. Offering long-term solutions, we share our top healthy eating approaches to nourish your body rather than starve it. Explore the realms of a raw food plant based diet that will allow you to retain all essential nutrients, or delve into the balanced lifestyle of the Ayurvedic diet aimed to reunite your body’s humours.

  • You Are What You Eat

    Sarah Brewer

    by Dr. Sarah Brewer

    A Nutritionist and Doctor

    The molecules found within most cells in our body are replaced at least once a year. Even our bones are constantly remodelling with 10% of their mass replaced every year. Unlike plants, we can't use the energy of the sun to photosynthesise new replacement building blocks – we need to obtain them from our diet.

  • You Are What You Eat

    Scott Baptie

    by Scott Baptie

    Fitness & Sports Nutrition Expert

    Have you ever thought that your 'Western diet' could do with some tweaking?  Many of us have become 21st century victims of so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, and osteoporosis.  In non-Western populations these conditions are more or less absent, and were similarly absent in Palaeolithic civilization.¹ Why? 

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