8 of the Best Summer Wellness Retreats for 2022

Best Summer Wellness Retreats for 2022

With warmer weather on the horizon and fewer barriers to international travel then there have been in the last two years, it's no surprise that everyone's thoughts are turning to where to go on holiday for wellness in 2022. In fact Google searches for 2022 summer holidays are the highest they have been all year! With this in mind, we're taking a look at the best places to visit to attend to all aspects of your wellness this summer.



With warmer weather on the horizon and fewer barriers to international travel then there have been in the last two years, it's no surprise that everyone's thoughts are turning to where to go on holiday for wellness in 2022. In fact Google searches for 2022 summer holidays are the highest they have been all year! With this in mind, we're taking a look at the best places to visit to attend to all aspects of your wellness this summer.

Offering something for all; from solos to couples holidays and even family retreats in a range of both popular and overlooked destinations across the globe, these retreats allow you to focus on reaching your wellbeing goals be they fitness, mindfulness or preventing burnout from stress. 

These tailor-made trips in luxurious surroundings in Europe, South East Asia and even the Galapagos Islands offer the perfect solution for those looking to travel again whilst also looking after their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Without further ado let's explore the best places to visit for summer wellness in 2022!

For Eco-Friendly Flexibility in Portugal: Yoga & Sea at Alamos Retreat

Group yoga class at Alamos Retreat in Portugal


We’ve all been missing sandy beaches and warm blue oceans, there’s no question about that. This retreat is perfect for travellers looking for a holiday that blends relaxation and fun. Alamos Retreat’s unique water sports and yoga combination holiday allows travellers to have fun and relax. The eco-chic vibe of the hotel radiates a nurturing, organic feel. Located just a few minutes from the shores of Albufeira, challenge your active side by learning poses and techniques in yoga as well as skills in either surfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. With daily classes, switch it up and try all three water sports in the crystalline water that Portugal is world-famous for. With intimate class sizes, improve rapidly and keep your newfound skills for years to come!   

Booking and Information: Alamos Retreat


To Kickstart Your Summer of Wellness in Ibiza: Fitness at Six Senses Ibiza 

Woman doing yoga by the seaside at Six Senses Ibiza


Some of us are guilty of letting our fitness habits slip during summer, especially whilst on holiday. However, Six Senses Ibiza can provide the perfect kickstart to summer wellness. Engage your mind and body by focusing on movement, low and high intensity training as well as recovery treatments, meditation and sleep. Six Senses take a personalised approach towards full body wellness so you can really gauge how to make the most of your break. Help yourself improve muscle tone and strength, flexibility, agility and help reduce the risk of weight gain and chronic disease on this tailored fitness retreat. Being an extremely bespoke experience, this retreat can be done at your own pace and at your own ability level, so you can feel fully confident and happy with your own progress and achievements. 

Booking and Information: Six Senses Ibiza


Feel Amazing Together in Italy: Wellness for 2 at Preidlhof 

Couple on a bike ride together in Italy


Summer retreats can be the perfect chance to treat you and your significant other to the break you both deserve amidst the pleasant season’s climate by embarking on a couple's wellness retreat. Wellness for 2 at Preidlhof is a versatile and engaging retreat that promotes new ways of being connected through a variety of sensory and interactive spa rituals. Relax, release and regenerate with your partner in the beautiful rural setting of South Tyrol. The hotel lies between the Stelvio National Park - the oldest natural park in Italy, with its mountain landscape and wild nature - and the Texel Group Nature Park. Share your journey to wellbeing and learn more about each other in the process. Spend precious time together on the ultimate couple's wellness retreat and leave with a stronger bond and happy memories to look back on! 

Booking and Information: Preidlhof

Learn How to Drift Off in Greece: Sleep at Porto Elounda 

Woman getting into a relaxing and therapeutic bath at Porto Elounda in Greece


Sleep at Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort is perfect for those looking to improve their sleep pattern, de-stress and restore energy levels during the day. Offering unique wellness approaches such as Yoga Nidra, meditation, low intensity training, relaxing treatments and amenities will help you feel better equipped to face all your daily challenges. An effective combination of these resources and helpful advice from Porto Elounda’s Sleep Doctor will help pave the way to a happier, healthier life. Introductory and closing screenings alongside sleep tracking reviews will help you gauge how you sleep and thus how you can improve it, allowing you to feel well rested and refreshed for years to come as a result of learning more about your body on this sleep-enhancement retreat.

Booking and Information: Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort


Boost Your Immunity in Austria: Immune System Booster at Park Igls

Immunity-boosting retreat at Park Igls in Austria


Summer months can provide the perfect motivation to pursue new healthy diets, practices and routines. And where better to do so than on a dedicated health retreat? The Immune System Booster retreat at Park Igls is specially designed to strengthen your immune system and make you much more resilient to illnesses. Exclusive access to lab tests which determine the current state of your immune system allows you to gain a helpful insight in how to enhance it further. Challenge yourself to embark on the Mayr diet. Predominantly a fasting diet style, this is a great unique approach for full body detoxification, instigating healthier habits and cleaner living! 

Booking and Information: Park Igls


Restore Your Equilibrium in Thailand: Comprehensive Balance & Revitalise at Kamalaya 

Meditation at Kamalaya in Thailand


Taking the time to recover and re-charge during the summer months is essential for keeping stress levels low and overall wellness high! If the high demands of modern life have been affecting you acutely then a stress management retreat could be perfect for you. Comprehensive Balance and Revitalize at Kamalaya is a restorative and healing retreat, carefully designed to deal with the symptoms and underlying causes of adrenal burnout. It is to assist with stress prevention and recovery from a mind, body and spirit perspective. It encourages and teaches to make the best of future challenges and opportunities by helping to maintain the balance during stress and change. Not only combining restorative therapies and nutrition with personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Stress Management, the programme also includes nutritional and herbal supplements and remedies to support recovery. 

Booking and Information: Kamalaya


Make Family Memories in Morocco: Family TimeTogether™ at Paradis Plage 

Boy surfing with family in the sea at Paradis Plage in Morocco


Taking the time to relax, get fit or even learn something new with your family can be the perfect opportunity for to experience beautiful settings and healthy activities together. The first of its kind in Morocco, this eco-retreat resides on the Agadir coastline, with its own private beach overlooking the sapphire Atlantic. The perfect destination for a family holiday as it rests away from your regular tourist spots with extensive facilities and activities for all the family to enjoy! Catch a wave surfing or kayaking, try a mindful group Yoga session indulge in tailored spa treatments for all ages 4+. Not to forget that guests will enjoy the swimming pool and the calm-inducing zen garden. 

Booking and Information: Paradis Plage


Become an Active Explorer in The Galapagos: Active Tours - Galapagos 

Enjoy a wealth of pursuits on the active tour of the Galapagos Islands


There’s a lot of excitement revolving around exploration and new adventure following the pandemic, and with restrictions easing, summer 2022 is the perfect time to embark on an active tour of the mythical islands of Galapagos. Walking in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, embark on an electrifying discovery of unusual animals on land and underwater including, from inquisitive manta rays and docile Galapagos tortoise to the playful sea lions, roaming freely around the island. Putting on your explorer hat, hike high over the island to the peak of Sierra Negra Volcano, cycle around the island and snorkel the glistening waters of the archipelago to feed the endlessly inquisitive nature of our being and get fit whilst doing so. 

Booking and Information: Galapagos Active Tour


Feeling inspired to book a summer wellness break? Will you be channelling your inner David Attenborough or working up a sweat in Ibiza? Are you looking to go away with a loved one for some much-need relaxation or will it be a fun-filled family affair this year? Whoever's going and wherever you want to go, we'd love to help you plan!

Talk to our Wellness Holiday Specialists today to discuss tailor-making your ideal summer 2022 wellness holiday. You can call us on 0203 297 8891 or fill in our enquiry form here!

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