• 10 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Singles

    10 of the best fitness holidays for singles


    Travelling as a single holidaymaker is no longer an overwhelming or frightening experience. Health and wellness holidays are becoming more geared towards catering for singles holidays  and solo travellers. With friendly group activities, group tables at meal times and solo specific months, you embark on a healthy holiday on your own, meet likeminded people, and return with a whole host of memories. We round up our top 10 fitness holidays for singles, so you can find your dream active break. From St. Lucia to India and Thailand to Spain, our luxury fitness retreats are perfect for a solo-friendly trip.

  • 10 of the Best Invigorating Fitness Holidays for 2021

    fitness holidays for 2021

    It’s time to start setting healthy goals for 2021, and exercise need not be a chore with activities like hiking, biking, surfing and triathlons on offer, whether it’s alone, with a partner, or with the whole family, you can lay the foundations for a healthy new year with these invigorating fitness holidays for 2021. From hiking magnificent volcanoes in the Galapagos Islands and training for triathlons in Thailand, to personal training in the Mediterranean and family fitness activities, there’s a healthy break for everyone to kickstart their fitness journey.

  • 10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday

    10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday


    International travel, as we once knew it, has changed exponentially. Some countries have even closed the gates for international tourists People are now much more likely to book a ‘staycation’ – a holiday in their home country. Staycations have allowed people to reconsider their holidays and what they want from them, particularly those who are drawn to fitness and wellbeing.

  • 5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    If you want to get in shape and make some health changes, these five fitness retreats in the Mediterranean are the best destinations to kick-start your journey. Whatever they may be, put your well-being in the hands of professional health experts and not only learn new techniques to push your body to the max, but also learn how to fuel your body the right way. Whether traversing Greece, Turkey or Croatia, you may enjoy our exclusive Fitness Fusion retreats which are aimed to offer you an all-encompassing fitness program tailored to your needs. With full access to the complimentary group classes and spa facilities, further your fitness journey even more and reap the rewards long after your stay.

  • 5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal

    5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal


    Portugal thrives on its rich history, traditional culture and warm climate. It is also home to an array of vibrant towns, beautiful beaches and distinctive landscapes, making it an idyllic destination to embark on a valuablehealthy break. Portugal sets a unique motivational tone which is perfect for challenging yourself to reach those top fitness goals, try a new sport or even enjoy some healthy family activities. Keep on reading to discover some of the best active holidays in Portugal and all of the great healthy benefits and experiences on offer! 

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

    5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

    With life becoming increasingly complex with work, social and family demands, men are finding less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that stress is not the only illness on the rise; heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are ranked as the top three health issues plaguing men, and all three can be prevented through diet andexercise. And there's no better place to do this than on an active and healthy holiday specifically designed for men.

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays

    Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays


    Not convinced by the idea of flying and flopping on a beach and being inactive on your honeymoon? We realise that beach honeymoons with a minimal amount of fitness activity don’t float every couple’s boat, so why not kick-start married life the healthy way!

  • 5 of the Best Mother and Baby Fitness Retreats

    5 of the Best Mother and Baby Fitness Retreats


    Bonding with your baby as a new mother is incredibly important, but so is feeling good about yourself. On a mother and babyfitness retreat, you can improve your health and wellbeing whilst staying close to your baby. Travelling with a baby is becoming easier than ever before, especially with manywellnessresorts adding their own kids club facilities and babysitting services. We have selected 5 of the best mother and babyfitness retreats, so you can work on your fitness goals whilst also spending precious time with your little one.

  • 5 of the Best New Year Breaks for Single travellers

    Best New Year Breaks for Single travellers

    The thought of beginning the New Year flying solo can be daunting, but why not revel in the opportunity of having no ties and do something that you really want to do on one of our healthy singles holiday. From a surfing break in Morocco to an anti-stress retreat in Spain, begin your next chapter as you mean to go on, feeling relaxed and re-energised. With a variety of group activities and fitness classes, combine meeting like-minded singles with enjoying some quality ‘me-time’ when you indulge with luxury spa treatments and therapies to enhance your well-being.

  • 5 of the Best Spa Breaks for Summer Fitness

    This summer, indulge in a spa holiday which offers more than a week of lying on the beach; treat yourself to a luxurious spa and fitness break for restoration and relaxation. We offer a tempting collection of spa breaks to boost your health and fitness, whether you want to detoxify with ayurvedic treatments, reduce stress with exercise, re-energise with the healing power of thermal waters, lose weight with a healthy diet or get fit hiking in the mountains. From Croatia and Spain, to Italy and Madeira, you will be able to shape-up and spoil yourself in the lap of wellness luxury, to awaken your senses and kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

  • 5 of the Top Places to Go on a Hiking and Trekking Holiday

    5 of the Top Places to Go on a Hiking and Trekking Holiday

    Hiking & Trekking breaks are some of the best opportunities you will come across to experience rewarding fitness excursions, alongside endless breath-taking natural beauty. Many people tend to take shorter hiking breaks so that they don’t get too tired or burnt-out from lots of walking over a longer stint. However, being able to combine an active holiday with refreshing holistic activities and wellness treatments offers the perfect healthy balance. Take a look at some of our favourite hiking breaks around the world, uniquely designed to leave your mind, body and soul feeling enriched and craving more of the same for years to come! 

  • 5 Perfect Fitness Retreats for Couples on Valentines

    5 Perfect Fitness Retreats for Couples on Valentines

    ‘Couples who sweat together, stay together’

    Lusting for more from your romantic getaway this Valentine’s? We share the best fitness retreats for health-conscious lovebirds. Exercise is a feel-good way to spend time together so give your relationship a healthy boost this Valentine’s Day. Studies have shown that exercising together with your partner increases feelings of love and overall satisfaction with your relationship.

  • 5 Tips for Recovery in the Heat on a Fitness Holiday

    Tips for Recovery in the Heat on a Fitness Holiday

    Looking forward to working out in paradise on your fitness holiday but not sure how you will handle recovery in the heat? Read on to find out how your body can restore back to its optimal state ready to take on the next workout and avoid muscle ache. Whether you are boosting your fitness on a bootcamp holiday or keeping moving on a multi-activity holiday, exercising in warm temperatures comes with added challenges for your body, so it is important to find a way of addressing these issues. Whilst improving your fitness levels and ability to exercise, sweating also increases, causing you to dehydrate faster. You therefore need to make sure your body gets the rest and recovery it requires after an intensive workout to function at its optimal level again. Rest and recovery after a workout are two different things; while rest is defined by sleep and time not exercising, recovery refers to actually taking action to repair your body. Take note as we share our five top tips for your body’s recovery in the heat!

  • 6 Romantic Wellness Retreats for Valentines Day 2024


    With Valentines Day just around the corner, rediscover romance with the finest couples holidays to suit the preferences of any duo. Whether you're an adventurous, outgoing fitness couple or partners looking for a more holistic experience, we’ve amassed a variety of wellbeing breaks to rekindle that deep, intimate connection with your significant other. From setting out together to discover the vast landscapes and rich culture of Qatar, to exhilarating fitness breaks in the UK, or whisking your partner away to Italy for a romantic and revitalising mindfulness retreat, there is truly something to offer for every couple.  

  • 6 Women's Fitness Holidays to Target Body Goals

    6 Women's Fitness Holidays to Target Body Goals

    Following decades of changing ideas of the perfect female form, it has become increasingly difficult for women to feel confident in their own bodies. Now in an era where women of all body types are working with what god gave them, more women are now turning to fitness holidays to achieve their individual body goals. From defining your abs on a SUP Morocco break to full body toning on a Pilates bootcamp in Thailand, work with what you've got and target your individual body goals on a fitness holiday in dream destinations worldwide.

  • 7 Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

    Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

    If you haven’t swung from the rafters with TRX suspension training before, the chances are you have already seen or read about it. Invented by a Navy Seal to keep his fellow troops fit in remote parts of the world, it involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using just your own body weight. By changing the way you angle your body, every muscle can be engaged in a pull or push motion.

  • 8 of the Best Single-Friendly Active Holidays

    8 of the Best Single-Friendly Active Holidays

    Release any post-lockdown pent-up energy and get your body moving on a singles-friendly active holiday where you can learn how to stay fit whilst you travel. Taking time off to be active abroad provides you with both the health benefits of exercise and the mental benefits of travelling, so why not boost your wellbeing to its full potential and reconnect with yourself on a solo adventure?

  • A Beginner's Guide to Bootcamp Holidays

    Beginner's Guide to Bootcamp Holidays


    Have you ever been curious about raising the game on your fitness regime by escaping on an intense bootcamp holiday in an exotic destination? With our beginner’s guide to bootcamp holidays, get back to the fitness basics as you learn how to pick the right bootcamp holiday for you, what to expect and how to prepare.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Pilates Holidays: What you need to know

    A Beginner’s Guide to Pilates Holidays


    Thinking of going on a Pilates holiday but unsure about what to expect or how to prepare for it? Learn how to make the most of this transformative fitness experience with our beginner’s guide and discover the 10 things you should know to prepare yourself the best way possible. It is first important for beginners to understand the fundamental principles behind this workout programme to maximise its effects to your health and well-being.

  • A Beginners Guide to Fitness Holidays: 10 Things You Should Know

    A Beginners Guide to Fitness Holidays

    Welcome to our beginners' guide to fitness holidays where we take you through the initial planning stages of your retreat to your final results and holiday completion. From how to prepare, to what to expect, and getting ready to embark upon your fitness journey.

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