• 10 Essential Tips for Healthy Travel

    There are many benefits of travel, however, staying healthy while traveling can prove to be a challenge. Away from the comforts of your daily routine, it’s easy to fall off your health and fitness wagon when you’re on the go. While you still want to enjoy your holiday, don’t let your hard-earned efforts go to waste. Follow these 10 essential tips for healthy travel for an indulgent holiday minus the guilt:  

  • 8 Best Spring Fitness Retreats for Self-Improvement

    Best Spring Fitness Retreats for Self-Improvement


    The Easter break is the best time to emerge from winter hibernation and venture abroad on a fitness holiday. Reconnect to your passion and purpose by embarking on a R&R getaway to make sustainable changes along with like-minded people. Discover our best Spring fitness retreats for self-improvement. From local too long haul, and from the affordable to the luxurious, ditch the Easter eggs in favour of one of our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ Holidays. It’s never too late to set your wellness goals.

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Mum Makes The Best Travel Partner

    Mothers play many roles in our lives; carer, maths teacher, disciplinary—but today we want to show you how mums also make for the best travel buddy. Traditionally, not everyone’s first choice of who to travel with, however our mothers are actually one of the best people to venture the world with. Let us tell you exactly why!

  • How will Brexit affect my holiday

    The uncertainty of Brexit has U.K. Citizens wondering if they should wait to book a retreat and put their wellness goals on hold thus requiring answers to important questions that will impact their decision. If I book through a travel company or travel alone to Europe will I need a new Visa? Can I update my friends back home with my current phone provider without extra charges? How will the pound correlate to the currency at my destination? Will I be spending an arm and a leg to have walking around money abroad? All these questions and many more are understandable and worthy of an inquiry. Be ready to pack up for a holiday unlike any other with our many relaxing and invigorating retreats as you are good to go.

  • New travel website launches for stressed out unhealthy Britain

    A new online travel company launches today called ‘Health and Fitness Travel’, (www.healthandfitnesstravel.com). From land and water sport activities to bespoke health and fitness programmes, their philisophy is to inspire holidays for your body and mind. They cater for everyone with diverse destinations and experiences, believing in the next generation of health and fitness travellers.


    Brits are more stressed than most other countries in the West* and are among the worst at coping with it. Demanding workloads and longer commutes are eating away at our free time, leaving the average Briton tired, unhealthy, and in need of a holiday to not only rest, but to put health and fitness back on their agenda. More people are choosing to move away from inactive type holidays and switching to more dynamic ones*; holidays which offer health and fitness activities to suit you is a great way to break away and experience the associated physical and emotional benefits.  


    Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel says “The culture of society is growing in self-awareness and we are becoming more conscious of the very limited time we have in our lives to look after ourselves. Holidays that promote discipline in key areas of health and fitness gradually change our attitudes in promoting a healthier lifestyle for us”.


    “The average person puts on 4 pounds of weight after every inactive holiday*, meaning investing more time in exercise when they return home which is counterproductive. By hand picking the finest resorts around the world and tailor-making individual programs, we offer a one-stop shop for everyone wanting a perfect health and fitness experience on their travels”.


    Health and Fitness Travel offer a varied collection of holidays from all inclusive health and fitness retreats in exotic locations to boot camp, spa, detox, yoga, golf, tennis and ski holidays in Europe and other destinations around the world.  Become a health and fitness traveller and find your perfect destination by visiting www.healthandfitnesstravel.com.


    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect Wellness Holiday.


  • News today says health effects of holidays fade in two weeks but do they?

    According to new research released today in the latest edition of The Psychologist, the positive effects of a holiday fade in just two weeks; however Jessica de Bloom believes we should be taking more time off from work to keep us healthy and happy, but is this realistic?
    Health and Fitness Travel who offer tailor-made active and wellness holidays worldwide believe that the right kind of holiday brings benefits long after the tan has faded. The solution of going on holiday more would be nice but unless you have a big bank balance and more than 25 days holiday leave a year, it won’t happen. Taking more time off work will also be costly and unpopular with employers but taking a few short healthy recovery breaks away or one or two long health holidays a year, can be just as effective.  
    Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel says; “Our holidays focus on health and well-being and are used as a recovery getaway for people who have little time in their lives to focus on looking after themselves properly when working long hours.*The average person puts on four pounds of weight after every inactive holiday and more of us are now choosing to swap fly and flop beach breaks for more healthy ones”.
    “Some of our health and wellness destinations around the world offer tailored wellness programmes including weight management, de-stress and detox with two months communication by e-mail for follow up consultations. Once the client has gone home they experience the physical and emotional benefits associated with all of our healthy and active holidays, returning energised, inspired and informed to make the small changes that manifest themselves into a healthier day-to-day lifestyle.”
    In order to keep our levels of health and well-being high, going on a fly and flop holiday more frequently is not the answer. Find a health and wellness holiday to reap long lasting benefits and return to work with more than just a tan.
    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect Wellness Holiday.
  • The Best Fitness Breaks to Book for 2022

    Best Fitness Breaks to Book for 2022

    Wanting to push yourself and try something new in 2022? Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, or with loved ones, there are many exciting newfitness breaks to book for 2022. From mountain biking in the Algarve to fitness, yoga & spa escapes inBali, these are just a few examples of the variety of countless opportunities to make 2022 a year to remember. 

  • The Best Health Retreats to Book Now

    The Best Health Retreats to Book Now



    Looking to indulge in a well-deservedhealthy break? Treat yourself to a tailor-made health retreat which gives your body and mind the attention it deserves. Whether it’s a medically focused break you’re interested in or a weight loss, sleep enhancement or anti-aging programme, we’ve put together our top recommendations to help you discover your perfect health retreat. Keep reading to discover some of the best health retreats to book now to help you along your healthy journey towards new vitality! 

  • The Best Hotels for Health Conscious Travellers

    The Best Hotels for Health Conscious Travellers


    The key to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle lies in our ability to persist whenever, wherever. Healthy habits are something you can take with you, even when you travel. Stay fit and keep your health in check at one of these best hotels for health conscious travellers. With so many wellness holiday options available, ranging from fitness and detox, to meditation and holistic health retreats, every type of health-conscious traveller will find a perfect healthy holiday to meet their needs.

  • Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Travelling - Tips from a Naturopath

    How to stay fit and healthy when travelling

    It’s really important to stay fit and healthy while travelling so that you can enjoy your holiday to the max without ending up sick, overtired or stressed. 

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