Top 5 Solo Friendly Tennis Holidays for Singles

Top 5 Solo Friendly Tennis Holidays for Singles


Get your Pimms, strawberries and cream at the ready as we round up our top 5 solo friendly tennis holidays for single travellers. If you’re looking for an active holiday to really give your fitness and tennis game the boost it needs, escape on one of our tennis holidays in some of the world’s most desirable destinations and luxurious retreats.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player we have a holiday to suit your needs; from the gorgeous clay courts of the Portuguese Oitavos retreat overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the beautiful mountain landscapes and top-of-the-range hardcourts of Thailand’s Thanyapura sports retreat in Phuket. Reap the rewards of professional private coaching sessions from the likes of the Pat Cash Tennis Academy in Buccament Bay to fully enhance your skill set and have those at home wishing they’d gone with you.

With its amazing health benefits and uplifting de-stressing qualities; tennis is the perfect sport to forget the hassles and constraints of modern-day life. Ideal for solo travellers, a singles tennis holiday is a great way to boost your fitness whilst connecting with other solo travellers over your shared love of tennis.

St Lucia: The BodyHoliday Tennis

Tennis at the bodyholiday

Discover St Lucia’s spectacular all-inclusive spa retreat located on Cariblue’s idyllic beach, where activities for solo travellers are endless on this tennis and spa holiday. Ideal for a singles holiday, head to the hardcourt surfaces for a private lesson, or meet other singles by competing in the club’s tennis competitions as you unleash your inner Federer. Pamper yourself, relax and unwind at the spa to admire the breath-taking views of the coastline whilst enjoying a range of luxury treatments. Make the most of a host of water sports during the day and socialise with fellow solo travellers with a hosted singles table every evening.

More information: View The BodyHoliday Tennis

Portugal: Pine Cliffs Annabel Croft Tennis

The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy at Pine Cliffs Portugal is a great destination for a singles tennis holiday

Whether you are experience or considering starting to play tennis this programme at Pine Cliffs in the sunny coastline of the Algarve. You can learn and improve technique at the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy with six high quality tennis courts and qualified trainers and coaching to show you the ropes and help you improve. The academy's philosophy is 'Movement and Repetition' with Annabel Croft the former British number 1 has perfected herself. Use the complimentary use of the resorts facilities and get involved with other activities such as yoga or golf to help technique or just to try something new. 

More information: View Pine Cliffs Annabel Croft Tennis


Thailand: Thanyapura Tennis

Tennis at thanyapura

Seek solitude beneath the peaceful mountains of Phuket, whilst upping your game with private tennis coaching from professional instructors. Allowing you to take the time to focus entirely on your game, perfect your practise on the top-of-the-range hardcourts available. After an energetic workout, heal your body with a reinvigorating sports massage before stretching out with a group yoga class, perfect for a yoga holiday. With expert triathlon training and state-of-the-art facilities, including an Olympic sized pool, this fitness retreat is the ideal destination for a sports holiday. Away from the court, attend a sports performance seminar and return home with a sharper game that will have your opponents running in circles.

More information: View Thanyapura Tennis

Cyprus: Aphrodite Hills Tennis

Playing tennis at Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus

The tennis academy at Aphrodite Hills is great for all ages including singles and family's in the 8 floodlit tennis courts available. The dedicated tennis coaches are there to assist if you are a beginner or more experienced with the need for more coaching to develop and master skills. After the hours of coaching, tennis court hire is available for you to get those extra hours of practice in or relax by the pool and and in the spa by having a hot stone massage and Swedish massage to soothe your tired muscles ready for the next day. 

More information: View Aphrodite Hills Tennis 


Spain: Marbella Club Tennis

The tennis court at Marbella Club in Spain

Learn and master tennis in sunny Marbella Club in Spain. This tennis holiday will put you through your paces with private coaching for you to focus on improving your swing, serve or foot work. Group tournaments on Wednesdays and Thursdays will feed your competitive side and for you to take the chance to see how your new or improved skills are faring up with fellow competition to help you gain confidence in your technique. You also get to relax after an energetic day with a personalised massage, yoga or meditation and return home from your tennis holiday feeling re-energised with confidence and new and improved skills.

More information: View Marbella Club Tennis


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