Top 5 Singles Holidays for over 60's

Top 5 Singles Holidays for over 60's

If there’s one truth about singles holidays, it’s that it is absolutely for everyone! Whether you’re young or young at heart, you will find something that suits you. With ever more destinations catering to a healthy ageing holiday experience, gain confidence as you gain the incentive to promote your health, regardless of old habits. It’s never too late to make a U-turn and aid your body’s well-being as you live your golden years.  

With these wellness retreats offering a tantalising selection of bespoke activities and approaches to wellness, reward yourself on a singles holiday for over 60s and indulge in everything you have always wanted to, whether that be making full use of a luxury spa, enjoying yoga classes, or even participating in something obscure like fruit-carving. Whatever your preference, benefit from some ‘me-time’ to really focus on just you and your health.  

Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic 

SHA Wellness Clinic Spa baths

Promote your well-being in a gentle way with one of many luxury spa wellness programmes for singles at the pioneering SHA Wellness Clinic, and embark on a rejuvenating experience to nurture your mind and body. Get the chance to renew on a medical spa holiday, where staff can aid you in not only choosing treatments that would be most beneficial for your health, but also creating a nutritional plan, enhancing your well-being from the inside out. Daily yoga classes offer an opportunity to meet other over 60s and also encourage you to partake in regular exercise on your singles holiday.

Information and Booking: SHA Wellness Clinic

India: Ananda in the Himalayas

Himalaya yoga reteat for singles

Situated at the foot of the Himalayas, this secluded singles wellness retreat is the ultimate paradise of peace. With India being the birthplace of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, Ananda is ideal for singles over 60’s looking for a singles yoga retreat, where participation in calming and soothing daily activities will aid in restoring tranquillity and promote mobility. Gentle guided hikes are also available, in which you can truly gain an appreciation for the panoramic mountainous surroundings whilst bonding with other singles, or understand the culture on a deeper level with Indian music and dance performances.

Information and Booking: Ananda in the Himalayas

Italy: Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

Food preparation in Italy

Nestled in the hills overlooking Lake Garda, this wellness retreat is great for lifestyle management, as well as enhancing general health and nutrition. Embrace their holistic, sustainable approach on your singles detox holiday for over 60’s, with consultations and personalised treatments encouraging you to return home with a new healthy mindset. Keep active on your singles holiday with bike rides, horse riding, sailing and tennis, or participate in gentler activities like Qi-Gong to focus on breathing. When combined with organic, healthy nutrition, your body will feel truly replenished, leaving you mentally sound and physically stronger after your detox retreat.

Information and Booking: Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda


Thailand: Chiva-Som International Health Resort

spa and pool

Embark on a relaxing and pampering holiday to one of the many wonders of the world, where the ‘haven of life’, Chiva Som, is dedicated to promoting well-being. With an emphasis on relaxation and a huge holistic menu of treatments available, you will be sure to reawaken your senses on a singles holiday for over 60’s, to a renewed state of well-being. Choose from many alternative activities like fruit carving, cooking classes or golf to keep you active and stimulated, without stretching yourself too far. Let go of stress by indulging in the Chiva Som signature massage and let the process of healing and rejuvenation pave the way for your mental and physical enhancement on this singles spa retreat.

Information and Booking: Chiva-Som International Health Resort


New Zealand: Aro Ha

group hiking

Treat yourself at Aro Ha as you embrace their wellness approach of physical, mental, and spiritual growth on a solo-friendly retreat. With the stunning Southern Alps and rugged landscapes surrounding you, embrace a singles adventure holiday with its natural beauty away from the busy and polluted world to boost your health. With activities suitable for over 60s, satisfy your adventure bug with sub-alpine hiking or outdoor yoga classes, before unwinding with healing body work and cooking demonstrations. Relax in the spa and choose from a menu of treatments to revitalise your body on this indulgent singles holiday.

Information and Booking: Aro Ha

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