Top 5 Activity Holidays for Fitness Fans

Top 5 Activity Holidays for Fitness Fans

If you’re a fitness fan looking for an energetic getaway to help increase your well-being, then our activity holidays may be just what you’re after. Whether you’re looking to be active with your family and friends, or simply on your own, we have a variety of healthy holidays on offer from across the world where every day is different.

There’s something for everyone with our healthy retreats, ranging from a selection of active lifestyle classes indoors, to a host of varied outdoor sporting activities. Alongside this, you have the option of visiting our award-winning spas where you can enjoy therapeutic treatments to help you relax after your chosen activity. Our activities offer endless ways to improve your well-being and mind set, and through indulging in one of our health and fitness holidays, you will reap the benefits from the minute you set foot in your chosen resort. Here are our top 5 recommendations for an active break where you can design your own luxury fitness holiday to suit your needs.

St Lucia: The BodyHoliday, LeSport

An Aquafit class on The Body Holiday


Explore St Lucia’s beautiful Island by embarking on this health and fitness retreat in the Caribbean. Make the most of the island’s spectacular scenery on a singles holiday with an early morning bike ride, and enjoy a host of activities on offer for all ages over the course of the day; ranging from scuba diving to Pilates and  mountain biking to yoga. Ensure you reach your peak level of fitness with group exercise classes, featuring a host of active lessons such as beach blitz, body combat, body spin and box fit to get your heart racing. After the sun sets, the hotel’s award-winning spa offers the perfect way to unwind, and with a large variety of inclusive spa treatments on offer, you’ll be able to relax, de-stress and enhance your personal well-being.

More information: View The BodyHoliday

Thailand: Thanyapura

Escape the stresses of everyday life to the peace and tranquillity of Thailand. This active holiday boasts some of the industry’s top sports and fitness coaches from across the world to help you get the most out of your healthy holiday. Push yourself to the limit with our cardio, mind, body, strength and sports exercises, and with a host of optional classes within these exercises including Core Fusion workout, Muay Thai boxing, and Core Balance; you’ll have endless opportunities to try something new. Ensure you don’t miss out on the variety of spa treatments on offer from massages and reflexology treatments making your fitness break also a good destination for a spa holiday.

More information: View Thanyapura

Portugal: Galo Resort

A diving holiday in Portugal to plunge and discover the underwater world. it's suitable for beginner divers as well as those who dive a lot, with coaching in a pol and equipment hire you are to be sure that you will have everything you need. You can then take to the open waters and in the sparkling Atlantic. You will get to see the beautiful corals and spot the underwater creatures on their journeys. You can immerse yourself int he beauty and take your time to see the world we don't often get to see int his sensational setting. 

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Morocco: Paradis Plage

A surfers paradise in the Moroccan waves, catching the big ones after your coaching lessons, guides or even combine it with yoga, there is something for all levels of surfers. You can really make your surfing holiday your own with the choice of the three programmes and take a break with group classes Paradis Plage has to offer including yoga, mountain walks and beach circuit training. You can meet your surfers dream on the beach and enjoy the sand between your toes off the board for both a physical and well-being holiday. 

More information: View Paradis Plage

Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary

Pilates is a great activity that more people are looking to do as a holiday. The Pilates Reformer programme at Absolute Sanctuary gives you the access to the equipment and coaching for you to focus solely on your Pilates. With a combination of private and group Pilates sessions, you are sure to get the expertise and practice into your form and to gain new experiences, focusing in your Pilates. Don't forget to unwind in the spa and taking your time to soothe your muscles in your back, neck and shoulder massage. Discover Pilates like you haven't before and get all the tips and knowledge for you to take home to your Pilates classes at home. 

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