Tips for Surviving a Detox Holiday

Ever wanted to go on a detox holiday but wondered how you would survive without your morning dose of coffee? To help you get through the initial fears, gain the greatest benefit from the detoxification and truly purify the body, we have come up with our top tips for surviving a detox.

Stress, inactivity, poor diet and the daily strain of modern life all cause a build-up of toxins. A great way of re-energising the body and mind is to go on a detox holiday. The aim of the holiday is to free the body of these toxins and release a new and reinvigorated body; however, getting the most out of it takes some significant determination and commitment.

Phase In and Out of your Detox

Plan ahead when you know you have a detox holiday coming up, as preparation is essential when gaining the most benefit out of the detox period. It should always be a gradual process to avoid a 'crash', especially when you begin your change in diet.  This may include cutting down on processed foods and most importantly alcohol in the few weeks running up to the holiday and the 2-3 weeks afterwards. Supplement this change by increasing your consumption of toxin-fighting foods and drinks such as Green Tea. Your body needs to adjust to the change in diet, such as reduced caffeine, and removing it immediately may cause headaches, showing how crucial the phasing process is. The Co-founder of the award-winning Kamalaya spa retreat in Koh Samui, Karina Stewart, gives you her preparation tips for Detox here.

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Immerse yourself in the Experience

A detox is naturally seen as a complete departure from normal life, or moving away from the things you would usually like to eat or do. However, enjoying the discovery of different, exciting and exotic cuisine is something which a lot of people don't think of and should be welcomed rather than dreaded! Embracing the cuisine can also be part of accelerating or improving the detox and you'll be eating foods as close to their raw state as possible to cleanse the body. For example replacing the morning coffee with a smoothie can help to improve digestion and purify the body through numerous beneficial vitamins. Part of the immersion is also about leaving your stress behind, and this includes your work life, enabling you to truly detoxify and escape from the strains of the daily routine.

Sleep and Breathe!

This isn't the most complicated advice, but is often neglected in the modern ways of life. Stressful and often hectic daily routines lead to sleep becoming a treat rather than a necessity.  A detox can be quite an intense experience at times, putting strain on the body and so it is very important to be well rested before, during and after. When we get into stressful situations, our 'fight or flight' mode kicks in, releasing adrenalin and hormones into the bloodstream. This shortens our breath and agitates our nervous system, possibly releasing and circulating toxic stress hormones. By taking deep breaths and practicing breathing techniques learnt through classes such as Pranayama or meditation, we can overcome the fear and calm the nervous system.

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Use Everything at your Disposal

The experts and specialists on each detox holiday are exceptionally knowledgeable and can help you to increase the long-term benefits of the detox. A tailor-made plan at the start of the trip reduces the stress of worrying what to do each day as it will all be prepared and organised for you, also giving a motivational structure to the programme. The nutritional benefits of the daily meal plans will replenish the lack of essential nutrients in the body caused by a poor diet. The relaxation classes, such as meditation, run by experienced instructors may leave a long-term influence on your regular routine to include forms of holistic exercises, ensuring that the trip leaves a long-lasting benefit on your mind and body's well-being.

Exercise in Moderation

The length and severity of the cleansing completely depends on the person and their current health. However in any case, changes to diet and the amount of physical training will almost always happen. The level of exercise is always a contentious factor on detox holidays; whether to go all out, and burn out, or whether to relax and let your body take its course. Well, not surprisingly, it's all about moderation. A good amount of working out is crucial to getting the body pumping blood around and kick-starting the purifying process in the morning. However, too much and you could get run down, with the cleansing process having a negative effect and specifically weakening your immune system. Doing more exercise which may not normally be part of your routine, for example, is a common way of accelerating the detox as it gets the blood pumping around your system. Furthermore, it helps to clear your mind and releases endorphins which boost your mood. Fitness holidays with detoxing complement each other very well but depending on the individual and the specific detox programme chosen, will determine how much exercise is needed. Holistic exercise arts, such as yoga, have postures to help de-clutter the mind and cleanse the internal organs, whilst also giving you a great core workout. These are all perfect for detox breaks.

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To summarise, here are our top 5 tips for surviving a detox:

1. Phase in and out of the detox
2. Immerse yourself in the experience
3. Sleep and breathe!
4. Use everything at your disposal
5. Exercise in moderation

Take good habits home!

Always keep in mind the benefits that detoxing will have. This will enable you to have specific personal end goals; such as self-discovery, enhancing the body's ability to deal with toxins and re-energising. The best things to take out of surviving the detox are new and improved personal habits that you have taken on throughout the process. These could be nutritional, physical or mental, nonetheless are all worthwhile to keep within your lifestyle.

After hearing about the benefits of detoxing, you may well want to embark upon your own detox holiday, and we can help you find the right one. Detox holidays are also known as healthy solo holidays, because not only do you have reduced or no single supplements in some places, you also meet like-minded single travellers who are there to detox themselves and share the same experience as you.

The outstanding macrobiotic spa week at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain is an ideal place to pick up healthy habits to bring home, through taking part in a wide variety of natural healing therapies. Numerous consultations both before and after the detox give the confidence to immerse yourself in the experience, whilst giving you the time to relax and take in the stunning views of the sea and lush vegetation from the resort.

If you were thinking about somewhere a little further from home and a little more exotic, Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand could be the perfect healthy holiday. The signature detox programme is tailored to each individual and involves daily holistic activities, such as the renowned pranayama and meditation classes, allowing you to take in the glorious scenery from the top of a hill on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Alternatively Grand Park in Austria has a detox programme designed to boost your immune system and support you on every level, from nutritional guidance to fitness routines and a calorie-controlled well-balanced diet. 


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