• 10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday

    10 Reasons to Book a UK Staycation for your 2021 Summer Holiday


    International travel, as we once knew it, has changed exponentially. Some countries have even closed the gates for international tourists People are now much more likely to book a ‘staycation’ – a holiday in their home country. Staycations have allowed people to reconsider their holidays and what they want from them, particularly those who are drawn to fitness and wellbeing.

  • The Best British Spa Hotels

    The Best British Spa Hotels



    Spa-induced wellness holidays don’t always have to come from far-flung destinations around the globe such as Thailand, Mauritius or Bali. Now, although those are fantastic choices, there are also options a little closer to home here in the UK. For those who perhaps are unable to travel long-distance or those that want a quick and convenient shot of wellness, these luxury spa retreats in the UK are the perfect answer. There has been a shift in the mentality of travellers after the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the UK and beyond. Rather than a ‘generic resort’, many are seeking authentic rejuvenation with holistic treatments and bespoke therapies having seen the importance of maintaining a strong physical and mental disposition. Explore our list of the best British Spa hotels where you don’t have to stress about travel restrictions and PCR tests! 

  • The Rise of the Wellness Staycation

    The Rise of the Wellness Staycation


    With the importance of mental and physical health at an all-time high, and the uncertainty of travelling abroad, the recent rise of the wellness staycation comes as no surprise. The current pandemic has shown how important it is to give your mind and body time to rejuvenate and recharge, and booking yourself a wellness holiday on home turf is proving to be the ideal option. Providing you with the tools to eat well, drink well, exercise, and boost your immunity through therapies and treatments, you can take care of your body and get your holiday fix without the hassle of travelling overseas. 

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