The Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Turkey

Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Turkey


Spa and Hammam have been part of Turkish culture for the past 1400 years. Some of Istanbul’s marble bath houses have been in use since the early 18th Century. Our contemporary spa retreats may lack the impressive age of some of Turkey’s oldest bath houses but they certainly continue the ethos of their traditional practices.

In Turkish culture, Hammams are domains for cleansing the body: they are predicated on the concept of purifying the soul. The best wellness spa retreats outlined here offer a large variety of hydrothermal experiences and holistic practices, to give you a detoxification in keeping with the customs of the region. So, whether you want that youthful glow or you want to connect to the spiritual energy of the area, you will be well catered for. Luxury accommodation, exceptional coastline, vibrant and intriguing history, makes a spa holiday in Turkey a must for those looking to unwind in comfort.


Six Senses Kaplankaya



With a surrounding of thick olive groves, Six Senses Kaplankaya is a truly southern European resort on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Past the world-class fitness facility, nestled in the heart of the resort is Kaplankaya’s 10,000 square metre Spa. Variety and quality are paramount here. The Alchemy bar is a buffet of endless organic herbs, oils and salts. Choose what makes up your personal body scrubs from this large array of minerals. Visitors have the option to choose from an array of organic and ethically sourced ingredients: lavender oil, Epsom salt, magnesium flakes and much more.

This retreat seeks to integrate all aspects of health into their programmes: sleep, diet, exercise, and wellness therapies. Their aim is to eliminate the mistakes made in day to day life with bespoke plans that fill in the gaps of your health regime. Healthy Anti-Ageing at Six Senses offers scientific and spiritual means of making you look and feel younger. Sleep tracking, guided meditations and luxurious facial treatments will leave little to chance when it comes to your appearance.

Hydrothermal therapies will make up the back bone of your experience with Six Senses' Sleep and De-Stress holiday. Crystal steam rooms, Finnish sauna, experiential rains, hydrotherapy pools, the arsenal at Kaplankaya is great enough to make even the most venerated spa goer blush. As spa retreats go, Six Senses Kaplankaya is exceptional: an immersive and authentic experience in exquisite luxury with devoted staff.


Sianji Well-Being Resort



The view of the deep blue coastal waters and the quaint fishing villages of the Bodrum peninsula, make for an awe-inspiring stay at Sianji Well-Being Resort. Outdoor Bedouin tents add to the natural feel of this luxury spa. Drink in this view from underneath the Bedouin style tents of the wellness centre as every aching muscle is slowly eased by the skilled hands of the resident masseurs.

For anyone seeking a new way to diet, the wellness centre offers ground-breaking nutritional plans that other hotels rarely, if ever, cater for. The Master Detox programme, complete with complimentary hammam and massage for Health and Fitness Travel customers, is the ultimate for improving your diet with bespoke advice from nutritionists. Daily Angel of Water therapies and detoxifying teas is Sianji’s winning recipe for making visitors leave feeling completely cleansed.

Sianji’s Raw Food Detox is a delicious way of gaining back the nutrients we lose from cooking our food. Vitamins, vital to your health, will come flooding back: you’ll feel light, serene and well-nourished with this diet of fresh produce.

The alkaline diets and ketogenic food plans incorporate ingredients from the surrounding areas and prepare them in a style that suits you. After all, there is nothing better for you than simple, flavourful ingredients prepared in a caring manner by professionals. Authentic Turkish cuisine is given a modern and exciting twist with Sianji’s nutrition-friendly retreats. For those who have tried the tested tracks of DIY diets, it could well be time to experience a ground-breaking new detox programme on the very edge of the Asian continent.


Turkey Discover Recover



For those who are looking to pamper their body and envelop themselves in the wonders of Turkish culture, the Discover Recover tour presents a rare opportunity for doing what most do not. See Istanbul, the city of two worlds, on the two continents tour. Try the fusion of culinary styles of this city’s proudest local dishes at Meyhane with its traditional Turkish tavern food. Sit in on a demonstration of Turkey’s Sufi whirling dervish dance for an insight into the region’s performance culture. Afterwards, take a session in a genuine Turkish Hammam to see, first-hand, the spa treatments that inspired the practices of most modern therapies. See the real Turkey with a guided tour that educates and revitalises.


Sianji and Six Senses provide practices steeped in tradition with modern luxuries. Leaving nothing to chance, these retreats will overhaul all the elements that make up your health and wellbeing both spiritually and physically. A wellness spa retreat at one of these Turkish resorts is an immersion into the peaceful world of relaxation and pampering. It is an experience made for your needs, where professionals take pride in their work. These tailored packages gift variety and allow you to choose from an array of treatments from facial scrubs to detox remedies. A holiday to Turkey will get you firmly acquainted with these world-class wellness spa retreats and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t visited them sooner!



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