Spotlight on Yoga

Although many people think of yoga as just a form of exercise requiring you to twist, turn and bend into different pretzel-like poses, there is actually much more to this ancient Indian life science. Yoga provides us with a healthier way of life and is a very useful tool in modern day living, helping us to deal with stress, heal our bodies, improve well-being and boost confidence.

Whether a dedicated yogi or you’re just looking to try something new, discover more about this ancient practice through our expert tips, interviews, blogs and top yoga holiday recommendations.

Discover the many reasons why this ancient practice is so good for us - mind, body and soul!

We explain the various benefits practicing yoga has for men and their health.

Travelling solo? Explore our top yoga retreats for singles where you'll have access to private and group lessons!

A deep dive into 8 different types of yoga, how they differ and what their key benefits are!

Our Top 10 Yoga Retreats

From its origins in India to the private island of Turks & Caicos, discover our top recommended yoga retreats in beautiful destinations all over the world!
Angie Newson discusses how regular practice can help improve your willpower making you more driven and productive!

Health and Fitness Travel Founder Paul Joseph reveals how taking up yoga changed his life.

Discover the mindfulness and mental health benefits of getting on your mat with Angie Newson.
Taoist Master Toby Maguire talks about utilising mindfulness and yoga to boost our brainpower.

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