Top Tips for Your First Singles Holiday

Embarking on your first singles holiday can seem a daunting prospect, but with our helpful single traveller guides, you'll soon be feeling confident and inspired to escape on a memorable singles holiday Solo wellness holidays are hugely beneficial to your health and wellness, both physically and mentally, whether spiritual, fitness-related or medical, our tips and advice for solo travel will prepare you for an unshackled adventure tailored to YOU!

What's the plan?

Having a plan as a solo traveller, especially if it’s your first time travelling alone, helps to centre you. 

Whether you’d like a fully planned agenda or you’re more laid back, basics like flight times, class schedules and excursions will make sure you’re ready for your wellness holiday.  Health and Fitness Travel are on-hand to support you with bespoke travel advice – we can put together itineraries for you and will always ensure you have everything you need before jetting off!

What are your intentions?

Setting intentions for a solo trip away is important for many reasons, chiefly it helps you to focus on achieving what you want from your getaway. Preparation is always key, you are set and ready to go if you know who, what, why, where and when you want to go for your perfect


What's on your itinerary?

An itinerary is great for planning your day-to-day activities and this can be however busy or free as you like. You may want to spend all day in the spa, so it is good to have a schedule of which specific treatment you want and when - aromatherapy at 2pm with Ayurveda at 3:30pm? Yes please! Or if you’re embarking on a fitness holiday having all your classes, consultations and gym times in one place will ensure you stick to your programme and holiday objectives. Equally, it is also very normal to have a more flexible itinerary, particularly if you’re seeking a more restorative break!

When you book with Health and Fitness Travel, we’ll always let you know what you can expect from a typical day on one of our retreats and can even put together completely bespoke itineraries that fit your goals and objectives for your solo wellness holiday!

Practical Tips

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