Why Should I go on a Mindfulness Retreat

In our modern lives the readily available distractions of the digital age mean that many of us supress our emotions and thoughts. When we are forced to face the inner-working of our own minds, many of us lack the clarity and ability to control our thoughts productively. Jumping from thought to thought and raising our stress levels as we re-live the past or panic about the future, we’re in the moment, but not the right one.

It’s this lack of control that can send us into stress overload, resulting in panic attacks and causing depression. Teaching the skills needed to live in the present, a mindfulness retreat works to harness control over our thoughts and emotions.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the non-judgemental focus on our present emotions, thoughts and sensations. It is the ability to dictate which thoughts we listen to, and which to dismiss as useless and irrational. It’s the power to engage with the present to prevent worrying about the future or stressing over the past.

Living in the present is the only place we should live

Our days are occupied by a series of moments, but in our current society, these moments are filled with things other than our focus. We’re constantly refreshing emails, social medias and every other online platform that we live our lives from. We spend so much time unengaged with the present, focusing on anxieties about the past and fears towards the future, that we’re never really living in the present. On a mindfulness retreat, you’ll learn to slow everything down, notice your surroundings and focus on the now.

Learn to deal with your unwanted thoughts

Thoughts of fear, anxiety, heart-ache and loneliness affect every single one of us, and sometimes can become too much to handle. Mindfulness cannot stop those thoughts occurring, but it can stop them prevailing. On a mindfulness retreat, you will learn how to relieve your mind from anxiety as you learn to choose which of these thoughts to act on, and which to let go of.

What happens on a mindfulness retreat?

The most popular and successful ways to achieve mindfulness are through yoga and meditation. On a mindfulness retreat, you can experience anything from Pranayama breathing lessons to stress-management classes, and anti-stress facials to private yoga sessions. In the calming environment of a mindfulness retreat, you’ll learn to process your thoughts manageably, so that you can focus on the important moments, rather than dwell on the irrelevant ones.
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