What are the Benefits of a Group Retreat for Solo Travellers

Travelling solo but never alone, group retreats are particularly popular amongst solo travellers, looking to enhance their well-being whilst meeting like-minded individuals. With a variety of benefits, group retreats offer solo travellers the freedom to enjoy time alone or socialise with new friends. From breaking out of your comfort zone by travelling solo, to receiving the support of new friends during group activities, here we share just a few of the benefits.


Take it from solo travellers around the world - one benefit of travelling alone they’ll all rave about, is the freedom that comes with it. However, being on a group retreat adds the extra benefit that if you do want to socialise or keep active with other people, you have that choice. Being a solo traveller on a group retreat gives you the best of both worlds; the freedom to do things on your own, or with the like-minded individuals you meet during group activities.

Meet new people

Although a solo traveller retreat offers the chance to escape certain people or situations, it doesn’t mean that you have to become a recluse. Whatever or whoever you need a break from, being around people who have no link to your life and know nothing about you can feel extremely refreshing. With no connection to your life, you may find it easier to disconnect as well, so that you’re able to fully concentrate on yourself, and not the world you’ve temporarily left behind.

Gain support from the people around you

One major benefit of group retreats for solo travellers is that you will encounter people that you share a common interest or goal with. In addition to the health and fitness professionals guiding you through your retreat, the people you meet will add an additional level of support. Whether holding out together on a detox retreat, or spurring each other on to push your limits on a fitness retreat, sharing the experience with those around you is a major benefit of a group retreat.

Break out of your comfort zone

Going into any situation alone can be a daunting prospect and for many first-time solo travellers the thought of holidaying single is no different. The benefit of a group retreat is the ready-made group of like-minded individuals in the same situation as you. Already reassured of your shared goals and interests, there’ll be no need to worry about ice breakers on a group retreat.
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