Working in the Travel Industry: Learning & Development

Learning and career development doesn’t stop once you’ve walked through the shiny doors of your dream job. Professional study and training is a fundamental element of working in any industry, but is of particular importance to one in travel. As an industry that is constantly evolving and adjusting to new travel trends, those working within travel must stay up to date and on their toes when it comes to qualifications and training.

Though at first the prospect of even more tests may seem daunting, there are a myriad of associated benefits that will make those long nights of studying completely worthwhile. It is your choice as to whether you decide to do any qualifications, but if you do, it could result in progressing further up the ladder or the opportunity to do an internal secondment. Embrace learning and development; you never know how many doors it could open for you.

Why Learning and Development is so Important

With an industry that changes as constantly as the travel industry does, continuous training is vital to ensure that you are changing along with it. Staying on top of new systems, being aware of upcoming trends and understanding how they will affect the company will make you better at your job, as well as giving you a competitive edge. Qualifications, new skills and specialist knowledge are all useful tools for someone looking to boost their progression up the career ladder. In addition, the opportunity to learn new skills is always positive as it means you are learning new things about an industry you love.

How to Keep Improving

All businesses will have periodic performance reviews and individual development plans which identify areas of strength and weakness as well as providing guidance for the future. Make the most of these and use them to help transform your travel industry career into the best it can be. Take advantage of in-house training courses, sign yourself up for company funded qualifications and learn as much as you can about the travel industry in general. Indulge your passion for your work and brainstorm ideas, you never know, you could come up with something revolutionary.

Do some on your Own

If you are enthusiastic about a particular area of travel and want to learn more about it, or if there is a skill you want to gain and develop, go out on your own and do it. With numerous online learning and training facilities readily available it has never been easier to boost your knowledge in the travel industry. Work towards another qualification, apply for a secondment to another part of the business and add another string to your bow.

Benefits of Continuous Training

As well as keeping your brain healthy and active, further learning and development can also be advantageous if you have goals or ambitions you want to achieve. Showing that you have passion and enthusiasm for your work in the travel industry will mean you will be seen as highly motivated and engaged. With travel companies often promoting existing staff with the right qualifications it is to your advantage to learn as much as possible. Perhaps there is an area of travel that you would be perfect for but requires fluency in a language you are a little rusty in. Completing a language course would equip you with all the tools needed to take you where you want to go.
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