How Do I Get a Job in Leisure and Tourism?

As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, there has never been a better time to seek a job in the wide and varied world of leisure and tourism. Whether it’s working as part of the team who sell holidays, or actually working at the holiday resort itself, the job possibilities are endless. As an industry that focuses on experience and passion, rather than just a required number of qualifications, your career could begin with an internship or apprenticeship.

Show an understanding of the industry, display a dedication of willingness to learn and demonstrate evidence of those vital core employability skills and you will be well on your way. Learn from the ground up, complete vocational training or transfer from a different industry entirely; whichever method you choose, the path to your dream job beckons


Internship Work Experience

Unlike many other jobs, requiring degree upon degree, you can take your first step onto the leisure and tourism work ladder with the foundation of a work experience internship. Providing on-the-job training and an understanding of the industry gained from varied work experience, an internship is an excellent place to start. Offering the opportunity to narrow down which area of the industry you find the most attractive, work experience will also make you a strong candidate when it comes to application time.

Vocational Training & Apprenticeships

If you already know that a career in leisure and tourism is the path for you, you may wish to get a head-start and complete vocational training specific to the industry. Start an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) or apprenticeship in the area that most fascinates you and start forging a route to where you want to go. As well as providing a deeper understanding of the industry itself, these CV boosters will provide a solid foundation of skills fundamental to any leisure or tourism job. Study and progress up the levels and watch your hand pay off as you step into your ideal position.

Show Knowledge & Passion for the Industry

With a myriad of different roles available in the leisure and tourism industry, from PR and marketing, to product and sales, an ideal candidate needs to show commercial awareness and communication skills. The ability to adapt to last minute deadlines, unusual customer requests and new challenges will make you stand out, both on the job and at interview. Above all show enthusiasm and passion for the world of leisure and tourism for the people that matter to notice and remember you.

Professional wellness guidance

Whilst a wellness retreat offers the continued presence and guidance of wellness experts through a focused programme, a wellness hotel leaves you largely to your own devices and preferences. A much harder course to take if you are looking to achieve a particular health goal; whilst wellness hotel employees will of course help you where they can, the experience does not offer the same consistent guidance of a health retreat.

Emphasis on Customer Service

Customers and clients are at the centre of the leisure and tourism industry; nothing is more important than ensuring their satisfaction. If looking to enter a travel sales role, employers will be looking for you to demonstrate strong customer service skills. Ensure that when completing work experience or building skills you consciously look for ways you can provide situations in which you placed customer experience and satisfaction above all else. Set out to make sure they always receive the best and you will be well on your way to your dream job.
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