• Increase Your Energy

    Justine Glenton

    by Justine Glenton

    Ashtanga & Zen Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Postures to Increase Energy and Reduce Fatigue

    Sometimes unusual mental or physical exertion, stress, and lack of sleep can make people tired. Prevention in these cases simply requires self-observation and needs us to listen to our bodies. It means not pushing the body and mind beyond its limits. Other times it means walking or doing some physical work to help increase the energy levels.

  • Increase Your Willpower with Yoga

    Angie Newson

    by Angie Newson

    A Yoga and Pilates Expert

    Practising yoga improves our self-control, our willpower and our ability to overcome any bad habits. Yoga enhances self-discipline - practising with precision and control of how we place our body on the mat, in turn improves the mind, our thinking, our outlook, our attitude, and studies show that being kind to ourselves and to others also improves our willpower!  Learning breathing exercises enhances our concentration so we become more centred, more present and more focused.  Being 'in the now' - although often challenging to do - and taking a few moments before the start of our practise or workout or even on the pitch for a game of football, will help us become more successful in whatever we set out to do. Think of the successful tennis players who sit quietly before the match and in between the games and sets to become present and focused. 

  • Interview with Andrea Baker, Retreats Manager at Komune Resort Beach Club

    Interview with Andrea Baker

    I have been a trainer for over 20 years now. Have always loved helping people improve their wellness, so studied to be a trainer when I was pregnant with my second child. I just kept on wanting to help more people, started working/managing in Health Retreats working on all areas of people’s health.

  • Interview with Andrea Hurst on the Benefits of Reflexology

    Andrea HurstAndrea Hurst

    The title of ‘Guru of Reflexology’ belongs to Andrea Hurst, world renowned for her 20 years’ experience in the healing art of Reflexology. Based in London’s most prestigious neighbourhood Mayfair, she combines a deeply rejuvenating and restorative holistic experience with a thorough and insightful analysis of reflex points.  Queuing up at her door are a long list of VIP clients from A-list Hollywood stars to fashion designers seeking her pioneering treatments. With recommendations from Gwyneth Paltrow and features in Vogue and Tatler magazine, Andrea is certainly an A-Lister herself in the world of Reflexology.


  • Interview with Dr Prasanth, the Ayurvedic doctor from Como Shambhala

    Interview with Dr Prasanth

    Dr. Prasanth.V.S. is a qualified practitioner of Integrative Medicine with 22 years of experience in Traditional Indian Medicine of Ayurveda. In March 2015, he started working with COMO Shambhala Estate as their Wellness Expert. He graduated from Mangalore University, India and have been working in various Wellness Retreats in India and Malaysia before joining CSE, Bali.

  • Interview with Jessica Sepel

    Jessica SepelJessica Sepel

    Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist, author and international health and travel expert. She is also the beloved voice behind 'JSHealth', passionately advocating how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through wholefoods and a healthy relationship with food to her vibrant social media community on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Jess is also a regular contributor to Vogue Australia's Spy Style, Well+Good NYC, PopSugar and MindBodyGreen and brand ambassador for CottonOn and Nature's Way Wholefoods and Vitamins. Jess's book The Healthy Life is based on her popular and previously self-published ebook The Clean Life.


  • Interview with Personal Trainer Timmis Kambanellis - Aphrodite Hills

    Timmis KambanellisTimmis Kambanellis

    Timmis is the fitness expert at the award-winning Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus. He studied kinesiotherapy (which is the application of scientifically based exercise principles adapted to enhance the strength, endurance, and mobility of individuals) in Thessaloniki. Discovering a passion Timmis then went on to specialize in Fitness and Personal Training at the North Academy of Fitness. Timmis has since gone on to receive accolades from Spa and Wellness specialists and has a successful morning TV slot on the Cyprus national network.


  • Interview with the Founder of Euphoria Retreat in Greece, Marina Efraimoglou

    Interview with the Founder of Euphoria Retreat in Greece, Marina Efraimoglou

    Euphoria Retreat, that opened in July 2018 in Greece, is the vision of founder Marina Efraimoglou, who after following a personal path of inner development, sought to create a special healing retreat. 

    Marina had a successful career in the financial sector, founding her business Telesis in 1993, but after a pivotal personal experience, she shifted her attention from the financial world into the worlds of holistic medicine and self-actualisation. Committed to leading a more spiritual life, she studied in-depth with very well-known pioneers in the field and travelled the world sourcing knowledge and experience. Completing her studies in Chinese Medicine, Marina has worked in transformational healing for over a decade.
    Based on her varied experience, Marina successfully created her own series of workshops and retreats, recently bringing them into the corporate world, with the aim of encouraging the emergence of a new type of leadership and cooperation.

  • Interview with the founder of REVIVO Wellness Resort – Laurie Mias

    Laurie Mias

    Laurie is the Founder & CEO of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Bali, a leading new resort that brings together the ultimate in health and wellness through mind training and self-awareness.

  • Is It Time You Had a Digital Detox?

    woman using phone and laptop at the same time

    Aashly Jayan, Health and Wellness Advisor at Chiva-Som discusses the role of technology in our lives and when it might be time to consider a digital detox.

  • Kick-start a New Year Fitness Regime


    Steve Halsall

    by Steve Halsall

    A Celebrity Personal Trainer

    Where to start with the endless solutions and miracle cures that inundate you in the New Year? What ever you decide to do you must stick to it, no excuses. Every journey no matter how long will have the energy and creative excitement of the start. This is always followed by a plateau and 'the boring' part of the process, this is purely a state of mind and one you must override and understand that exercise is for not just for New Year it is for life.

  • Maintain Your Ideal Weight with Pilates

    Angie Newson

    by Angie Newson

    A Yoga and Pilates Expert

    Pilates isn't often described as something to do in order to lose weight - to lose those excess pounds, you're more likely to be told to get your pretty booty in the gym, do a combat class, go jogging or work up a sweat in a spin class. However Pilates' benefits are multi-fold and practising the method enhances a deeper awareness of how you feel on the inside - which is where our weight issues often start! 

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Sarah Brewer

    by Dr. Sarah Brewer

    A Nutritionist and Doctor

    Most people who monitor their weight focus on their bathroom scales, or on their body mass index (BMI) which is calculated from their height and weight. But researchers have found that your waist size is a better indicator of your health than either your weight or your BMI. If you tend to deposit fat around your internal organs, you are more likely to develop serious health problems than those who store excess fat around their hips, or under their skin. 

  • Maintaining Your Well-being at Work

    Maureen Cromey

    by Maureen Cromey

    An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

    "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  
    - Confucius

    Whether we have a job that we love or work out of necessity to keep the devil from the door, work can be a challenge to our health.  But unemployment can be worse. The lack of motivation, self-esteem, social chaos and poverty related to unemployment can be far more damaging then many workplace risks.

  • Making Healthy Choices Whilst on Holiday

    Healthy choices whilst on holiday


    I think it is nice to ensure that your holiday is a holiday, and that your time away leaves you feeling rested and recharged… that being said a lot of us live busy lives and day to day we don’t always put enough time aside for ourself. In these situations holidays are the perfect opportunity to make time for exercising and focusing on your wellbeing whist also relaxing and having fun – these things are not mutually exclusive of one another! You can absolutely have fun when making healthy choices whilst on holiday! 

  • Meditation Can Help You Experience a Life You’re Truly Proud Of, and Excited By, with Arjuna Ishaya.

    Arjuna Ishaya used to be an outdoor instructor in New Zealand until he discovered the joys of the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation in 2003. He sold up shop, became a Bright Path monk and travelled the world teaching. Ending up in North Yorkshire, he met a girl, married and settled down to have a family.

  • My Journey of Hosting Retreats and Teaching Online

    Jessica Lambert practising yoga


    I have been writing for Health and Fitness Travel for almost a year now, it seemed like a fitting time to share a bit more about myself and how I ended up where I am today. 

  • Nahid de Belgeonne: The Benefits of Power Plates and Yoga

    Nahid de BelgeonneNahid de Belgeonne - Good Vibes

    Nahid de Belgeonne is a qualified expert in yoga and Power Plates, and the founder of the Good Vibes brand of boutique fitness studios, offering a unique class combination of Spincycle for cardio, Power Plates for strengthening and toning and Glow Yoga for your soul. Nahid was inspired by many movement disciplines including Pilates, martial arts and the Feldenkrais Method, and practices an accessible style that leaves her clients feeling good within themselves. Empowerment, kindness and a sense of humour are key mantras in her method of teaching, coupled with a strong belief that everyone deserves to achieve the best health possible.


  • Natural Ways to Ease Pain

    Sarah Brewer

    by Dr. Sarah Brewer

    A Nutritionist and Doctor

    If you experience headache, muscle or joint pains do you automatically reach for a painkilling drug? The days when aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen or codeine were the only options are long gone. If you prefer a natural alternative, there are several ways to beat common aches and pains.

  • Nourish a Healthy Heart

    Deborah Straub - Canyon RanchDeborah Straub

    Deborah Straub is a Nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. She is a published author on bone health and breast cancer in a well-respected nutrition journal and textbook. Her areas of focus include maintaining a healthy weight during menopause, vitamin and mineral supplementation and breast cancer prevention. Deborah has a Master's of Science in Nutrition from the University of Arizona. She loves travel, hiking in the mountains of Tucson and her golden retriever, Riley.


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