• The Best Luxury Wellness Holidays for Social Distancing

    Take a well-deserved break from the madness of mundane life with a wellness holiday tailored to give you a safe and socially distanced experience. There is no doubt that the current global pandemic has shocked the world, both physically and mentally, and whilst we recover as a country, a bit of TLC and self-love has never been more important. So why not escape to a private villa in Oman, relax in a Spanish wellness retreat, or de-stress on the Mauritius south coast, reassured that wherever you go your health and safety is the number one priority.

  • The Best Social Distance Friendly Holiday Activities

    The Best Social Distance Friendly Holiday Activities



    Social distancing has thrown off a lot of team sports. Football is now behind closed doors with sanitised balls and no handshakes. Rugby has fared even worse with no topflight games and no opportunities to practice at club levels. Staying active with your team may be something for next year but socially distanced holidays are available now and fantastic for you.

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