• ABAMA: A Spa and Sport Indulgence

    I arrived at Tenerife airport to a warm 25 degrees Celsius, blue skies and sunshine; a big contrast to the grey skies, rain and 8 degrees I left behind at London Gatwick the same morning. Abama Golf & Spa resort is set on the untouched western coast of Tenerife and is a destination itself situated across 400 acres of land and only a 20 minute drive from the airport.

  • Adam's Review of Ananda in the Himalayas


    Arriving into the small airport of Dehradun via Delhi, I was greeted by my personal driver and taken straight into an air-conditioned 4x4 for the short 45-minute journey up the mountain towards Ananda. The journey itself was an experience, from seeing monkeys, cows, and goats up the windy uphill roads and a more impressive view at every turn. Ananda means peace - and my seven day stay was a purifying experience of just that.

  • Adam's Review of Chiva Som

    Review of Chiva Som


    Destination Spas don't come much better than Chiva Som. It prides itself on being a truly International Health Resort located in one of Thailand's thriving destinations in Hua Hin. On my arrival I was welcomed into a lounge overlooking a truly beautiful landscape view. Within no time my schedule for the afternoon had been arranged, with the first of three wellness consultations to reflect on my personal health.

  • Adam's Review of Como Shambhala Estate

    Como Shambhala Estate is a stunning world-class and extraordinary wellness resort located in the heart of Bali near Ubud that attracts well-known celebrities for its growing prestigious class and exclusivity, known throughout Bali as the best on the island. Its 9 hectares of land covers the most beautiful part of the jungle surrounded by terraced rice fields, lying on a gradient which heads down towards the sacred Ayung River.

  • Adam's Review of Reads Hotel

    With 23 rooms ranging from classic doubles through to spacious and elegant suites, each with its own character and design, Reads Hotel offers a tranquil and chic personality in the heart of Majorca. It's family-run and the staff always introduce themselves to the guests with a sincere and welcoming manner. The Senorial Suite I stayed in had an expansive lounge and a semi-private terrace that opened out on to beautiful gardens; so spacious it felt like my own little bungalow!

  • Adam's Review of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka

    Review of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

    Overview of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

    Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka, is a success story for the wellness traveller. It’s a boutique wellness retreat offering minimalistic luxury in a nature-rich setting for those seeking healing through quietude, yoga and Ayurveda. Santani is not a strict health retreat and gracefully doesn’t feature a heavily-packed daily schedule. It’s a place that lends back time as any healing holiday should.

  • Adam's Review of SHA Wellness Clinic

    What is SHA Wellness Clinic and who’s it for?

    Built in 2009, SHA Wellness Clinic is a macrobiotic-based wellness spa and medical clinic encompassing the best of Eastern and Western philosophies to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle. It’s a multi-award-winning high-end wellness holiday for those looking to take a serious approach to improving their health, predominantly detox and weight loss, while also offering comprehensive modern aesthetical and medical treatments.

  • Adam's Review of the Luxury Algarve Bootcamp

    In anticipation of my bootcamp holiday in Portugal, I began by preparing for my fitness holiday from the kit list I received in advance; gym attire - tick, gym attire x 2 - tick. The weather in Portugal is always sunny, and even in winter the temperature very rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), making it the perfect location to hold a bootcamp.

  • Adam’s Review of 38 Degrees North at Aguas de Ibiza

    Review of 38 Degrees North at Aguas de Ibiza


    At short-notice I decided to immerse myself in a 6-day fitness holiday to one of the most popular hotspot destinations for Europeans, Ibiza; an island of two halves, one with its party side and the other of wellness and discovery.

  • Adam’s Review of Atmantan Wellness Resort, India

    Review of Atmantan Wellness Resort

    About Atmantan

    Having launched in 2016, Atmantan Wellness Resort is still in its infancy, yet what it lacks in age, it makes up for in just about everything else. A luxury haven just outside of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Pune, enjoy the tranquil ambience of an adult-only retreat surrounded by like-minded individuals in an environment that emits spirituality. Nikhil, the founder of the resort is a keen fitness enthusiast, having completed four Iron Mans, and this passion for all things wellness is reflected throughout the resort. A year after opening, the clientele is primarily Indian, but as time goes on I see this destination spa becoming a haven for international wellness enthusiasts to join in the meaning of Atmantan: the divine amalgamation of the mind (mana), body (tann), and soul (atma).

  • Adam’s Review of D Maris Bay, Turkey

    What is D-Hotel Maris and who’s it for?

    D-Hotel Maris is located on the mountainside of a Mediterranean bay, overlooking serene islands amidst a horizon of majestic mainland, D-Hotel is a must visit for anyone with a love of Edenic landscapes. It’s particularly a real haven for fitness, tennis and water sport enthusiasts who love to relax in luxury and in an atmosphere of calm with stunning scenic views. Suitable for solo travellers, couples and families (>5yrs for children).

  • Adam’s Review of Euphoria Retreat, Greece.

    Adam’s Review of Euphoria Retreat, Greece.

    Euphoria Retreat in the heart of Greece is an inspirational wellness destination with a focus on healing. Situated next to a small, quaint village with stunning views of the Peloponnese mountain valley that bear their significance.

  • Adam’s Review of Obsidian Wellness Centre, Spain

    What is Obsidian Wellness Centre and who’s it for?

    Obsidian Wellness Centre is an affordable detox holiday in Spain for those looking to lose weight and kick-start a healthy regime, also suitable for pre and post cancer patients, those with specific health issues through the benefits of juice fasting. It’s also a great retreat for relaxation and to take part in exercise classes and detox through juicing.

  • Adam’s Review of Paradis Plage in Morocco

    Review of Paradis Plage in Morocco


    Paradis Plage; a 4 star beach resort in Morocco offers a tempting mix of yoga, surfing and spa for a healthy holiday. I booked myself in for a week on the Spa & Yoga programme, along with our Fusion Fitness programme to supplement my week with daily 1-on-1 sessions with the personal trainer; my goals were relaxation, rejuvenation and fitness. Just north of Agadir, Paradis Plage is perfectly situated on the beach west-facing. It’s so close to the sea you can hear the sound of the ocean from whichever accommodation you’re staying in, and in the evenings you can see the most beautiful sunsets.

  • Adam’s Review of Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

    Phuket Cleanse and Who it’s for?

    After opening its doors in 2012, Phuket Cleanse has very quickly become the go-to place for an all-encompassing fitness and detox holiday. Unlike other detox retreats, Phuket Cleanse has a strong focus on complementing a raw food or juice detox with fitness and organic supplements. Designed to be structured, everything is laid out for you so you can do as many of the activities as possible. With a strong social dimension and health-oriented guests, it’s a fun and friendly atmosphere. Guests are aged between 25 to 55, and have either health issues to address or are looking to kick-start or enhance their well-being, whilst catering for everyone whether you are fit or unfit.

  • Adam’s Review of Sianji Well-Being Resort in Bodrum, Turkey

    What is Sianji Well-Being Resort and who’s it for?

    Built in 2009, Sianji Well-Being Resort is a modern and affordable luxury detox retreat in Turkey (Bodrum) based on one of three detox plans. The Alkaline 80/20 detox and Raw Food detox is designed for a beginner level introduction to detoxing, whist the Master Detox caters for a moderate to comprehensive detox comprising of a juice-only diet with daily colema. Complementary treatments to supplement your detox include lymphatic drainage massages, ozone therapy and FAR infrared sauna.

  • Alison Morgan Reviews Aro Hã, New Zealand

    Alison Morgan one of Australia's leading health & wellness industry connectors –also known for her expert Business Coaching for small businesses in the industry, through her business Relauncher. Alison recently took part in an amazing wellness adventure in the form of a 4 night/ 5 day Invigorate & Enrich retreat at Aro Ha, in New Zealand's South Island, created with a vision for their visitors to experience adventure, movement, results-orientated fitness, mindfulness and optimal nutrition. Here Alison shares her experience:

  • An Interview with Paul Joseph

    We talk to Paul Joseph, Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, about his inspirations, daily routines and the secret to success in the ever-growing wellness industry.

  • Ananda; My soulful healthy hideaway

    Overlooking the majestic Himalayas and hidden away from city life, Ananda provided me with complete escape from the world. At first I was sceptical about trying to relax near the bustling capital city of Delhi, but upon arriving to this magical paradise, I knew that my doubts would easily be put to rest. At Dehradun Airport, I was greeted by an Ananda chauffeur whilst on our way to the resort, passionately described the quaint villages that we passed on the way to the palace so I could get an overall feel for the destination.

  • Buccament Bay: A Week in Paradise

    Buccament Bay is becoming the most talked about place in the Caribbean, a luxury five star resort with outstanding facilities which I got to experience myself. The new resort on the little island of St Vincent has exceptional facilities for the active traveller; these include a Liverpool FC Soccer School, a Pat Cash Tennis Academy, a performing arts centre with classes led by West End professionals, fitness centre and a spa. Scenes from one of my favourite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean were shot nearby.

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