• 10 Essential Tips for Healthy Travel

    There are many benefits of travel, however, staying healthy while traveling can prove to be a challenge. Away from the comforts of your daily routine, it’s easy to fall off your health and fitness wagon when you’re on the go. While you still want to enjoy your holiday, don’t let your hard-earned efforts go to waste. Follow these 10 essential tips for healthy travel for an indulgent holiday minus the guilt:  

  • How will Brexit affect my holiday

    The uncertainty of Brexit has U.K. Citizens wondering if they should wait to book a retreat and put their wellness goals on hold thus requiring answers to important questions that will impact their decision. If I book through a travel company or travel alone to Europe will I need a new Visa? Can I update my friends back home with my current phone provider without extra charges? How will the pound correlate to the currency at my destination? Will I be spending an arm and a leg to have walking around money abroad? All these questions and many more are understandable and worthy of an inquiry. Be ready to pack up for a holiday unlike any other with our many relaxing and invigorating retreats as you are good to go.

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