• Bootcamp or Fitness Holiday?

    Bootcamp or Fitness Holiday?

    When planning an activity holiday, how do you know which type to choose? Do you want to take things at your own pace, or take a more direct route to help kick-start a healthy new fitness regime? There is a wide range of exciting health and fitness breaks available that all boast fun and exhilarating ways to help you slim down, get fit, and shift those last few stubborn pounds. We offer two distinctive options for those looking for an energetic getaway; bootcamp holidays and fitness holidays, but which one is right for you?

  • Fitness Breaks: 5 of the Best

    5 of the best fitness breaks

    If you’re looking to get back in shape but haven’t got the time to go away on full-blown fitness holiday, then our exclusive four day Fusion Fitness breaks provide the perfect solution. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your flexibility or increase your physical strength, we can tailor-make your programme to suit your personal goals and kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

  • The Best Cycle Trips to Take After Lockdown

    Summer road cycling


    The confining worlds of our lockdown living rooms are lifting, so many of us are ready for that feeling of freedom only the open road can offer. Whether you are after an excursion into the unknowns on your faithful Diamondback or ready to hit the highways as part of a gruelling Ironman, there are cycling holidays to fulfil all your two wheeled needs. We have picked out the best cycling trips to take post-lockdown for all styles of cyclist.

  • The Best Fitness Retreats To Book


    Looking to become the best version of yourself this year? Read along as we explore the bestfitness retreats to book! With the ever-growing scientific data that emerges every day, we learn more about the human condition, one thing that has become increasingly clear in recent years is the fact that our mental and physical health go together. These pillars of our well-being rely on one another and if we neglect one, the other takes a hit as well. Recognising this, building positive structures around exercise becomes paramount on our journey towards personal growth.  

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