• How to be a More Sustainable Traveller

    How to be a More Sustainable Traveller


    This world has limited resources and we are polluting it every single day. Nearly 5% of greenhouse emissions are caused by the tourism industry. Nature should be conserved, not damaged. Unfortunately, we travel without keeping in mind the effect of our actions on the environment. This does not mean we should stop travelling, but we should start to travel more sustainably i.e. to find ways where we can enjoy the holiday without tarnishing the cultural and natural environment. This may not happen overnight but if all the travellers can go on eco-friendly holidays and engage in healthy activities, we can save the environment for the betterment of the planet. Here are a few ideas on how to be a more sustainable traveller: 

  • Organic Healthier Hotels for Toxic-Free Travel

    The travel industry has seen an increase in demand for organic healthy eco-friendly holidays that enable toxic-free travel, and this ‘green’ mindset is becoming a necessity for cost, customer loyalty, and environmental impact. The possibility of travelling whilst simultaneously protecting the wonderful world we live in is becoming more of a reality, and wellness retreats and healing hotels are beginning to jump on the ‘go green’ bandwagon. This newfound movement comes hand in hand with the current global pandemic, and for the travel industry this could be the start of a new outlook on healthy, eco-friendly holidays while we work towards making our lives as safe and clean as possible.

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