• Interview with a Yoga Expert and Contemporary Dancer - Karsten Kroll

    Karsten Kroll

    Karsten Kroll is the resident yoga teacher at Paradis Plage, and has been practising yoga and contemporary dance for over 25 years, giving him deep of knowledge of form, technique and an appreciation for the grace, potential and limitations of the human body. The drive towards having the ability to focus on the present moment, of finding mind-body connection and to bring overall well-being, led Karsten to study with several yoga training schools in Bali and Morocco. Karsten has further developed his skills as a yoga teacher by learning Yin and Yang styles as well as Myofascial Ball Roll & Release. He invites his students to explore their potential through his classes.

  • Interview with an Ayurveda Health Practitioner


  • Kick-start a New Year Fitness Regime


    Steve Halsall

    by Steve Halsall

    A Celebrity Personal Trainer

    Where to start with the endless solutions and miracle cures that inundate you in the New Year? What ever you decide to do you must stick to it, no excuses. Every journey no matter how long will have the energy and creative excitement of the start. This is always followed by a plateau and 'the boring' part of the process, this is purely a state of mind and one you must override and understand that exercise is for not just for New Year it is for life.

  • Life as a Fitness Instructor with Patrícia Inácio: Plus Her Top Health and Fitness Tips

    Patrícia, Spa Manager of EPIC SANA Algarvesince May 2017, joined the team as Fitness Instructor in 2013 and has helped build one of the leading resort fitness programs in Portugal. The resort offers a gamut of classes and workout programs, as well as Pilates and other activities in the resort’s green areas, while emphasizing the critical importance of diet, nutrition and lifestyle to attaining peak fitness.

  • Lorna Jane’s Packing Tips for An Active Holiday

    Packing Tips for An Active Holiday

    Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder of women’s premium activewear brand Lorna Jane is no stranger to travelling. Based in Brisbane, Australia means travelling all over the world and frequent trips to her LA home and USA Support Office in Santa Monica. Lorna has tried and tested tips and routines that keep her fit, healthy and ready for anything when she’s constantly on the move and has given us her top tips for a fit and healthy holiday. 

  • Maintaining Your Well-being at Work

    Maureen Cromey

    by Maureen Cromey

    An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

    "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  
    - Confucius

    Whether we have a job that we love or work out of necessity to keep the devil from the door, work can be a challenge to our health.  But unemployment can be worse. The lack of motivation, self-esteem, social chaos and poverty related to unemployment can be far more damaging then many workplace risks.

  • Making Healthy Choices Whilst on Holiday

    Healthy choices whilst on holiday


    I think it is nice to ensure that your holiday is a holiday, and that your time away leaves you feeling rested and recharged… that being said a lot of us live busy lives and day to day we don’t always put enough time aside for ourself. In these situations holidays are the perfect opportunity to make time for exercising and focusing on your wellbeing whist also relaxing and having fun – these things are not mutually exclusive of one another! You can absolutely have fun when making healthy choices whilst on holiday! 

  • Mario Sella on Living a 'Healtheatarian' Lifestyle at Ti Sana

    Mario SellaMario Sella

    Mario Sella, Wellness Manager at Ti Sana, Italy, grew up with a passion for science and physical activity that has led him to his role today. His childhood interest developed into an academic qualification, gaining a degree in food science and technology. A qualified personal trainer, Mario also studied and now teaches ancient oriental disciplines such as Qi Cong and Wushu-Kung Fu. Using his knowledge of nutrition and fitness, Mario oversees diagnostic tests, physical activity and, of course, nutritional plans to help guests at Ti Sana achieve their health and wellness goals.


  • Nahid de Belgeonne: The Benefits of Power Plates and Yoga

    Nahid de BelgeonneNahid de Belgeonne - Good Vibes

    Nahid de Belgeonne is a qualified expert in yoga and Power Plates, and the founder of the Good Vibes brand of boutique fitness studios, offering a unique class combination of Spincycle for cardio, Power Plates for strengthening and toning and Glow Yoga for your soul. Nahid was inspired by many movement disciplines including Pilates, martial arts and the Feldenkrais Method, and practices an accessible style that leaves her clients feeling good within themselves. Empowerment, kindness and a sense of humour are key mantras in her method of teaching, coupled with a strong belief that everyone deserves to achieve the best health possible.


  • Nourish a Healthy Heart

    Deborah Straub - Canyon RanchDeborah Straub

    Deborah Straub is a Nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. She is a published author on bone health and breast cancer in a well-respected nutrition journal and textbook. Her areas of focus include maintaining a healthy weight during menopause, vitamin and mineral supplementation and breast cancer prevention. Deborah has a Master's of Science in Nutrition from the University of Arizona. She loves travel, hiking in the mountains of Tucson and her golden retriever, Riley.


  • Nutrition and Fitness Philosophy: The Story of a Luxury Resort Fitness Supervisor

    Josué is the Fitness Supervisor at Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort.  Heading up the dedicated Pine Cliffs Goes Active health and fitness centre, he oversees a wide range of activities, from high-intensity interval training, yoga and Pilates to Tabata training and capoeira. With nearly twenty years’ experience in the field, Josué is passionate about providing a fun, invigorating experience for guests and personally helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Nutrition and Well-being

    Katie HandysideKatie Handyside

    Katie Handyside is the Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach at Reads Hotel in Mallorca. She has been working in and around Sports and Nutrition most of her life in London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and finally ending up in Palma de Mallorca where she has been running her own business in personal training and nutrition for over four years. Katie is a keen road biker and is also able to organise cycling tours, hikes and any kind of programme to suit all fitness levels and capabilities.


  • Nutrition Tips for Weight Management

    Lucy Miller

    by Lucy Miller

    A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

    You’ve lost the weight, toned up and as a result, you feel fantastic. But the 50-million dollar question is – how do you keep the weight off? 

    One of the best methods I use is keeping a food diary. I plan my meals every weekend so I know what I am eating in the week and then write down every little thing that passes my lips. It’s all to easy to forget what you’ve eaten and how much, which is how those sneaky calories add up and result in weight gain.

  • Optimal Nutrition for Detox and Weight Loss



  • Preventing Pain with Chinese Medicine

    Maureen Cromey

    by Maureen Cromey

    An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

    The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure but to avoid pain” - Aristotle

    Pain is everywhere, from birth to the grave we feel pain.  It is part of the sensation of life, it warns us, teaches us and it can destroy us.

  • Simple Steps to Increase Your Self-control

    Maureen Cromey

    by Maureen Cromey

    An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

    “I can resist everything except temptation” - Oscar Wilde

    Life is a journey and as we move through it we have plans to progress and improve.  From the moment we open our eyes we are working on improving our lot.  We try hard to crawl then walk.  We insist on feeding ourselves and then learning to speak gabbling incoherently until eventually we are understood.  

  • Switching to a Vegan Diet with Sam Turnbull

    Switching to a Vegan Diet with Sam Turnbull


    Sam Turnbull is the creator of the popular recipe blog It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken which receives over 1 million pageviews monthly. She is the author of the cookbook Fuss-Free Vegan published by Appetite by Random House which has over 250, 5-star reviews on amazon.com. Additionally, she hosts a YouTube show also called It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken. Sam and her recipes have been featured across TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, public speaking events, prominent websites sites, and in notable cookbooks.

  • Take Control of Your Sleep

    Dr Michael J. BreusDr. Michael Breus - Sleep Doctor

    Dr Michael J. Breus is a sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan. He is a clinical psychologist and one of the youngest to pass the board at the age of 31. As one of the only psychologists with his credentials out of 163 psychologists worldwide, Dr. Breus specialises in sleep disorders and is the diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and of The Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is also author of Lose Weight Through Better Sleep and the creator of The Dr. Breus Bed. Dr. Breus treats athletes and celebrities and has appeared on CNN, Oprah, The View, and The Doctor's.


  • The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

    Deniz Susever - Kempinski Barbaros Bay BodrumDeniz Susever

    Deniz Susever is a Watsu-Tantsu-WATA (water dance), EFT practitioner and Yoga Teacher at Kempinski Barbaros Bay. She began her journey of alternative therapies and healing energies in 1997. After being introduced to yoga as a guest she decided to go to Rishikesh (India) and became a yoga teacher, she also has studied Integrative Massage in India. Deniz has excellent charisma in Watsu (Water-Shiatsu), Tantsu (Watsu on land) and Water dance (WATA) Therapy training in India. The last six years she has been a Vipassana Meditator.


    Interview with a Watsu Practitioner

    What inspired you to study alternative therapies and remedies?

    I started my journey of alternative therapies and healing energies with Reiki, and I discovered that everyone of us has a healing power. Being in a position to provide healing for clients and also myself has filled me with tremendous happiness. Reiki has enhanced my interest in the workings of the human body, and the energies which surround us and are also within us.

    What is Watsu and how is it similar to Tantsu?

    Watsu is a fusion of water and shiatsu is a form of body massage performed while floating in warm water. It combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water and Zen Shiatsu, Yoga, Alexander Technique and Meditation. Tantsu is Watsu on land. There's no set pattern to the movements and there is stretching, wavelike movement of the water, the breath and heart connection, stillness and cradling throughout the session like on Watsu.

    As a waterdance therapist, do you feel water is an important element when it comes to healing?

    Water is a miraculous element which transforms and heals the person physicaly, physiologicaly and psychologically. Waterdance is combined with underwater movements reminiscent of the womb and creates a tremendously healing experience. The water itself carries teachings that can actually support and nurture extraordinary relaxation by encouraging effortless insight into ourselves.

    WATA (waterdance) is a unique form of bodywork, can you describe how it works?

    Waterdance is a form of aquatic bodywork like Watsu, it begins on the surface. Then the receiver is given a nose clip and step by step is gently guided under the water. The session incorporates elements of massage, dolphin and snake movements, rolls, somersaults, inversions and dance. The effects are physical release such as joint mobilisation and can encourage deep states of relaxation.


    Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum - Watsu pool

    The Watsu pool at Kempinski Barbaros Bay

    As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner can you describe this technique and how it is beneficial?

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) combines Acupressure and Affirmation Techniques which works by neutralizing disruptions in the body's electrical system, then stops the chemical chain reaction and frees the person from emotional and physical discomforts. New or old emotional upsets, life long phobias, compulsive behaviors and unhealthy patterns can often be released easily. These techniques are so gentle, rapid and startlingly effective.

    Why is integrative massage so beneficial and how is it different to other massage therapies?

    Integrative Massage is done by applying oil which cleanses and relaxes the body. This massage contains 3 parts: in the first part, we awaken the body by pressing the important points which we call "marma". After that, by applying oil we stimulate the lymphatic system and detoxify and strenghten the muscles, joints and ligaments. In the last part, we increase the flexibility and the energy level of the body with some passive static stretching exercises.

    Can you describe Klang massage and what makes it distinctive?

    Nepal's traditional sound massage (Klang Massage) is applied with special bowls produced from an alloy of 16 different materials. Before the session we determine the chakras we are going to work on and we work on every chakra with their colour one by one. The person can explore the self-regeneration and self-treatment power of the body with sound vibrations.

    What is Vipassana Meditation and how is it beneficial?

    Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2,500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e., an Art of Living. In Vipassana Meditation one experiences that everything is passing away. In our life, pain or pleasure is also impermanent, so no need to generate attachment or craving for something which gives pleasure and no need to generate anger or hatred for something which makes pain. When we see things as they are, we can live life in peace and harmony.


    Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum - Vipassana meditation

    Meditation at Kempinski Barbaros Bay

    What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

    When I encountered Yoga in 2000, I was living in a small town (Kas) in Turkey. We were gathering with some friends and doing yoga asanas and some pranayama techniques. I was working as a diving instructor at that moment which is why I was very familiar about explaining the postures and some details like in the diving courses. My friends were encouraging me to become a yoga teacher and I tried some of the yoga styles like Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa during these years. Afterwards I visited Rishikesh (where yoga was born) and ended up learning with traditional Hatha yoga which I like a lot because each pose is like deep meditation.

    Kempinski Barbaros Bay offers a wide range of treatments, with your training in yoga, massage and waterdance therapies, how well do guests respond to these?

    Our guests are very lucky, because we give them all special care and try our best to offer the highest levels of satisfaction. They understand the importance of relaxation and the healing effects of holistic therapies. They are very open to try new therapies like Watsu, Waterdance or Aqua Reflexology.

    Stress has become prevalent in society, what top tips do you have to reduce stress?

    Practise meditation ,yoga asanas (postures), and keep your inner smile on and think positively. After work take a warm shower or bath before you sleep. Eat healthy super foods (like spirulina, wheatgrass and sprouted seeds) Drink chamomile or melissa tea, walk barefoot in the grass and listen to classical music Start the day by laughing before you get up from the bed - dance and sing!

    For more information visit Kempinski Barbaros Bay.

  • The Benefits of Booking with a Specialist Travel Agent

    The Benefits of Booking with a Specialist Travel Agent

    Even with the advancement of technology in travel, people are still turning to travel agents for booking advice and support - especially for something as complex as wellness travel experiences. While searching for your ideal holiday can be done with the press of a button, creating an itinerary that checks all your boxes, from budget planning to curated experiences, can be time consuming and stressful. With specialist travel agents like ourselves, you hardly have to lift a finger, as we do all the work for you. Just share your goals and expectations with us, and we’ll do the rest. We take the stress out of planning, give you the best price and provide tailored consultations no mobile app can do. We share the top 8 benefits of booking with a specialist travel agent below.

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