Why You Should Book a Group Fitness Retreat

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As the saying goes – there’s strength in numbers and when it comes to fitness retreats, it couldn’t be truer! Whether you want to take a short drive to the Scottish Highlands or fly to a completely different climate, you better believe your loved ones or friends will want to join along on your incredible adventures.


As the saying goes – there’s strength in numbers and when it comes to fitness retreats, it couldn’t be truer! Whether you want to take a short drive to the Scottish Highlands or fly to a completely different climate, you better believe your loved ones or friends will want to join along on your incredible adventures. Even if you are a solo traveller, this is the perfect opportunity to break free from your comfort zone in a truly enjoyable way of sharing experiences, challenging yourselves and growing together! There is something to suit every generation, personality, and pursuit in a group fitness retreat, from paddleboarding to fencing, high intensity bootcamps to yoga holidays.

With this in mind, we have collected the best reasons to go on a group fitness holiday and a few recommendations. You’ll be met with endless opportunities for breath-taking photo to post but how about engaging with every moment, getting back to the basics and something even more valuable: health, fitness, and playfulness.

Better Together

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One study found that 95 percent of those who started a weight-loss retreat with friends completed the program and the friend group was 42 % more likely to maintain their weight loss than those who did it alone. We’ve all been there when we’ve agreed to an early morning fitness class, nailing the last round of squats by feeding off our classmates’ energy or pushing ourselves to reach a new personal best when racing others. It simply is better together.

There is no doubt that there is power in working out together. Part of it comes from the fact motivation is a biproduct of exercise, therefore you need to start to carry on, so having a group atmosphere where you have committed to your friends or like-minded travellers means you are no longer only accountable to yourself, where nobody will know if you hit snooze and skip the gym. This is sure to give you that extra, and often needed, get up and go - literally. I think we can all admit that group activities can be much more fun, picture that moment when you smash a work-out together, celebrating with a high-five or even if you keep falling off your surfboard, it becomes amusing rather than the frustration we can feel when we are by ourselves. We are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, so why not venture away on a group fitness retreat, meet people with similar goals, dive into a more consistent lifestyle and have fun?

We’d really recommend Workout Away for groups, pictures solo travellers, friends or couples meeting to go on adventures together from cycling tours to surfing excursions, you’ll fill your time with fitness pursuits and enjoy lots of recovery time, wonderful cuisine and new experiences anywhere from Portugal to Cornwall. Sweat inducing, fulfilling and fun!

Motivation & Habits

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Self-discipline is a battle, but it does not need to be an uphill battle by any means. For example, a fitness retreat will teach you about personal nutrition, there will be an array of daily activities along with personal training and a precise plan for you to continue your journey back home, these healthy holidays are perfect to give you that initial boost and after a few days, it becomes a habit. Think of the 3 day rule – it takes 3 days to make a habit and 3 days to break it. This of course, is addressing sort term behaviours, but it is encouraging to know that on average, it takes just over 2 months before a new behaviour becomes completely automatic, “66 days to be exact” according to the science-backed James Clear article. Imagine, the healthy and fit version of yourself you’ve dreamed of, only two months before those behaviour become natural and group motivation to you don’t always have to rely on self-yourself.

“Working out with a crowd carries a plethora of intertwined benefits that include enhancing consistency, duration, motivation, conversation and inspiration,” says Dian Griesel, Ph.D.

When it comes to motivation, realistically it seems a lot easier to be active and eat healthily in beautiful and relaxing settings such as St Lucia! Discover the beauty of the Caribbean with Fusion Fitness™ at BodyHoliday, dive into private tennis lessons, daily group fitness classes from HIIT to ocean kayaking and unwind with meditation or spa experiences. Find yourself glowing with a sense of holistic well-being.

Personal Growth & Innovation

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Getting out of our comfort zones is a primary way by which we grow. Realistically, comfort zones are not about comfort but fear, again, we’ve all been there when our friends suggest something new and so we go for it, but when we are by ourselves more reservations arise. An adventure retreat is the ideal opportunity for a group fitness escape, where you can learn how to do yoga, stand up paddleboarding or even scuba diving! Group activities promise shared experiences and quality time together, and after all, you might find a sport you love!

Group fitness retreats don’t just benefit the group as a whole, from team work to bonding but they also impact each individual - you can learn a lot about yourself when in a crowd, from your comfort zone to your strength and abilities, alongside being exposed to other perspectives which means you will reconsider your norms, encouraging collection innovative. It removes us from our linear way of seeing things, thinking and our actions. Besides the fact you will get fitter by having daily ventures, each and every person’s confidence will grow as you become more comfortable together, develop deeper-connections and find yourself more flexible. This does not mean there is no down time to relax, whether that is by yourself or with the others, many of our wellness holidays, infused with fitness pursuits, include spa treatments to unwind after a full day of experiences alongside access to swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms.

When it comes to innovation and growth, why not see the world from a different perspective with our sailing tours? This is the perfect way explore with fellow adventurers, glide through the crystal-clear Thai waters, dive deeper into the colourful waters of the Maldives, or explore the glistening shoreline of Croatia, this holiday is sure to be like non other. Enjoy traditional foods and discover your chosen area from tours, hikes or snorkelling opportunities while uncovering every isolated cove, beach, and hidden coastal villages with professional skippers to impart their knowledge and expertise. Find your fitness pursuits through discovering and wandering new lands with the ultimate views as you sail away!

From every generation, pursuit and goal, groups bring out so much more of our commitment, passion, motivation, confidence and let us break free from our comfort zones. Let’s dive into the fun together on a group fitness retreat, the question should be why wouldn’t you?


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