Where to Travel for the Best Active Couples Holidays

Where to Travel for the Best Active Couples Holidays


Ditch the lazy fly and flop holidays for an adrenaline-charged escape to one of our fabulous destinations where you can merge an unforgettable romantic holiday experience with a fitness boosting retreat alongside your significant other. A good way to improve and strengthen your relationship, couples healthy holiday do not only boost your wellness but will also release feel-good endorphins which will help you to bond over new and exciting activities. With a wide variety of couples workout retreats, ranging from a running holiday in Ibiza to a yoga and surfing holiday in Maldives, you will soon find the right active holiday for both you and your partner. Fuse your romantic getaway with a variety of exhilarating couples’ activities before being pampered with indulgent spa therapies and tucking into a romantic dinner in some of the world’s most marvellous settings.

Worldwide Multi-Activity: Sailing Tours


Sail across tranquil waters on our Sailing Tours

Discover the amazing multi-activity holiday sailing tours! Picture you and your partner cruising through stunning azure waters, feeling the gentle sway of the boat as you practice daily yoga sessions on deck. You'll be thrilled to engage in exciting water sports and explore picturesque islands during your journey. And let's not forget the mouthwatering healthy cuisine and luxurious onboard amenities that await you. Sailing holidays are the perfect couples recipe for relaxation and self-discovery, regardless of whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-timer. So, come aboard and let the winds of wellness sweep you off your feet on this extraordinary escape!

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Ultimate Fitness & Stress Free: The BNKR

boxing and running the body camp

Stay fit together at The BNKR

Discover the most amazing active couples retreat you've ever dreamed of - the BNKR Health & Fitness Camp nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka! It's the ultimate fitness holiday to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Picture yourself and your partner engaging in invigorating activities like boxing, running, deep stretching, and body sculpting - all while strengthening your bond and creating memories together. But that's not all! You'll also get to indulge in expert cookery workshops and personalized lifestyle coaching sessions, guiding you towards healthier habits that will last a lifetime. Imagine unwinding together with daily yoga classes, pampering spa treatments, and refreshing dips in the salt-water pool. It's the perfect recipe for love, adventure, and renewal. Don't wait another moment to treat yourselves to this transformative experience! 

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Aerial Yoga in Thailand: Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness

detox thailand

Stretch your body physically and mentally at Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness

On the tropical Thai island of Phuket, jet off on an invigorating yoga and fitness holiday, for couples looking for a total body overhaul. Receive pre-arrival nutritional guidelines to prepare you for your journey and choose between raw vegan cuisine and juice cleansing or a combination of the two. Boost your fitness together on your active couples holiday with a variety of strength, cardio and flexibility workouts, including Muay Thai, kick boxing cardio, and aerial yoga. Learn about nutrition and energy optimization with workshops before exploring the beautiful scenery with a traditional Thai long-tail boat trip.

More information: View Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness

Kayaking in St Lucia: The BodyHoliday Fusion Fitness

The body holiday fusion fitness

Tailor-make your couples holiday at The BodyHoliday

Escape to the beautiful island of St Lucia and choose your favourite activities on one of our Fusion Fitness holidays where you both can design a fitness programme that suits you. Mix and match a combination of different cardio, strength, and mind and body classes to improve your physical and mental health, before unwinding together with soothing renewal spa treatments. Make the most of your time together on your active couples holiday in paradise by kayaking through the turquoise waters before taking a sunset boat cruise for an unforgettable couples holiday.

More information: View The BodyHoliday

Watersports in Morocco: Surfing at Paradis Plage

Surf at Paradis Place

Surfs up at Paradis Plage

Fly to beautiful Morocco for an active couples holiday in paradise that will surely be one for the books. Start each day with beach yoga classes followed by adrenaline boosting surfing lessons with luxury surf pioneers Tropic surf on a yoga and surf holiday that will boost your balance both on and off the water. Take advantage of the complimentary water sports activities and daily classes from Pilates to meditation.

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Paradis Plage

Cycling in Portugal: Galo Fusion Fitness

Galo fusion fitness

Explore the idyllic scenery by cycling at  Galo Resort

Improve your overall fitness on the south-eastern coast of Madeira on an active couples holiday where you can tailor-make your own fitness programme with a wide range of fun workouts and wellness activities. Surrounded by scenic landscapes to explore on a cycling holiday ride side by side with your partner through stunning mountain bike trails. Make the most of Galo’s coastal location with a visit to the nearby underwater nature reserve of Garajau. End your days unwinding at the luxurious spa offering a large menu of rejuvenating spa treatments that will relieve any tension and stress.

More information: View Galo Resort

Tennis in Portugal: Annabel Croft Tennis at Pine Cliffs Resort

Tennis in Portugal

Ace your tennis serve at Pine Cliffs


Discover the ultimate sports holiday at the stunning Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal, endorsed by none other than tennis legend Annabel Croft! Get ready to elevate your game and enjoy a tennis experience like never before. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Europe, this retreat offers top-notch coaching and state-of-the-art facilities to improve your skills and technique. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, the personalized coaching sessions will take your game to new heights. And when you're not on the court, you can relax and unwind in the resort's luxurious amenities and pristine beaches. It's an unforgettable tennis holiday that promises to leave you with cherished memories and a renewed passion for the sport. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to play like a pro and create lasting memories.

More information: Pine Cliffs

Hiking in India: Ananda Active

Ananda Active

Appreciate the beauty of nature at  Ananda

Retreat to a sanctuary of beauty and serenity in the stunning tranquil surroundings of the Himalayas where couples can combine an active holiday with pure relaxation. Ananda offers scenic views and the truly peaceful setting for a hiking holiday which will allow you both to re-connect with nature and each other. Enjoy personalised guided treks through the beautiful Himalayas combined with a variety of workout sessions. The extensive menu of over 80 body and beauty treatments inspired by the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda, will help you achieve harmony between your mind, body and soul, boosting your overall wellness.

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