Top Wellness Spa Travel Trends for 2015

We are not only the go-to destination for healthy holidays, wellness breaks and fitness retreats; we are leaders in spotting emerging trends and are continually forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel. 2015 calls for more effective ways to keep the body and mind in optimal well-being; here we predict the next big trends.

Thermal Springs

Cleansing in hot springs may be the oldest spa experience in the world but there’s never been a hotter moment for thermal springs with more spa goers discovering this affordable spa experience with a host of benefits from improving certain skin conditions to pain relief. Bathing in the healing waters not only does our bodies good but also feels fantastic.

Top 3 Places: Adler Thermae (Italy), The Banjaran HotSprings (Malaysia), Como Shambhala Estate (Bali)

Hot springs at The Banjaran

Picturesque hot springs of The Banjaran

Fierce Fitness

With a new culture where people rush from work to join their running club or boot camp, competitions like triathlons and popular high intensity interval programmes add fierce to fitness with a trend to rise led by people who take fitness seriously. Fierce fitness is also fun and becomes sociable whether joining group training from cycling to swimming, getting energised or joining a dance programme. Our collection of Fusion Fitness™holidays are customised for people who want to create a fun and rewarding programme.

Top 3 Fitness HolidaysThanyapura Triathlon (Thailand), The BodyHoliday Fusion Fitness (St Lucia), 38 Degrees North Optimal Fitness (Ibiza)

Mindful Living

With today’s supercharged world people need a reboot for their mind with mindfulness giving us the tools to cope with today’s highly stressed-out world. The benefits of spa and wellness activities have long known to reduce stress and relax us but going forward there is a big focus on bringing mindfulness techniques into our lives to help us reach a new place of serenity and calmness. Health and well-being holidays offer an opportunity for people to unwind and focus on mindfulness with the tools and expert knowledge to assist.

Top 3 Mindful Living Retreats: Shreyas Silent Retreat (India), Kamalaya Embracing Change (Thailand), Maya Ubud (Bali)

Meditating at Maya Ubud

An uplifting meditation session under glowing rays at Maya Ubud

Eco Friendly

As traveller’s interest in environmentally friendly healthy holidays continues to grow, so does the number of innovative and luxurious travel experiences on offer. More hotels are finding that adopting eco-friendly initiatives also saves them money and travellers want hotels to be as responsible, ethical and sustainable as possible. We offer a number of eco-friendly holidays without having a damaging impact on the environment so you can unwind with peace of mind.

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Health Resorts: SwaSwara (India), Lefay Resort (Italy), Aro Ha Wellness Retreat (New Zealand)

Dietary-Customised Healthier Food

More people opt for nutritious, diet-customised healthy food, with more hotels making healthy food offerings with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian menus. Some are introducing more juice options along with raw food and specialised diets in order to satisfy guests who want to focus on goals such as weight loss or for those wanting a detox.

Top 3 Places: Sianji Well-being (Turkey), SHA Wellness Clinic (Spain), Kamalaya (Thailand)

Detox salad at Sianji

Refreshing and cleansing salad at Sianji Well-Being Resort

Cultural Discovery & Wellness Recovery

With people desiring more exotic, off-the-beaten-path destinations and wanting engagement in more unique, local and indigenous cultural experiences, so they can unite the perfect travel experience of wellness with culture. Now we can travel to far-flung destinations and sample the local culture with tailor-made trips. With this trend set to grow, our Discover Recover™ holidays offer the perfect opportunity for people to combine this type of experience.

Top 3 Destinations: Costa RicaVietnamBali

Short & Effective Wellness Breaks

More health enthusiasts are opting for wellness breaks. Instead of a 2-week wellness holiday, travellers are choosing more frequent and shorter breaks for a mind and body reboot. A more accessible option instead of a far flung holiday travellers can reap the benefits of a short healthy break for a change of scenery, relaxation, wellness activities and healthy food. Our new collection of BodyBreaks™ have been created for those who want to maintain their well-being without needing to travel far.

Top 3 Wellness Breaks: Galo BodyBreak (Madeira), Punta Vitality BodyBreak (Croatia), Paradis Plage BodyBreak (Morocco)

Galo outdoor fitness class

A fun way to get your heart pumping at Galo

Managing Stress

Whilst wellness hotels and spas are here to help people relax, more are now offering specific stress management and stress recovery programmes with specialist therapies, consultations and healthy nutrition. Guests are encouraged to participate in group activities like yoga, cooking classes and meditation with the goal to send guests home with the tools to manage stress.

Top 3 Stress Management Holidays: SHA Anti-Stress (Spain), Ananda Stress Management (India), The Farm(The Philippines)

Healthy Honeymoons

With an emerging trend towards more experiential honeymoons, attitudes have changed amongst newlyweds with more no longer content to laze pool or beachside, but wanting to return from their honeymoon feeling healthier, fitter and spiritually richer. Whether learning to cook healthy Vietnamese cuisine on a cultural honeymoon in Southeast Asia, or white water rafting and zip lining on an adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica, couples are looking to discover new experiences on a healthy honeymoon they will remember.

Top 3 Healthy Honeymoons: Karkloof Safari Spa (South Africa), Maalifushi by COMO (Maldives), The BodyHoliday (St Lucia)

Exfoliation at Ananda

 De-stressing with a spa treatment at Ananda

Sailing at The BodyHoliday

 Feeling fresh on the water at The BodyHoliday

Wellness-Driven Baby Boomers

With an ageing population, baby boomers, who are retired or retiring and have the income to travel are not slowing down as they enter their golden years. They are focused on continuing an active lifestyle and embrace wellness in an effort to maintain their high quality of life as they age. With wellness travel growing rapidly, baby boomers are experiencing more wanderlust as they search for new destinations for a healthy holiday.

Top 3 Places: Parrot Cay (Turks & Caicos), Rancho La Puerta (Mexico), Zighy Bay (Oman)

Speciality Wellness Retreats

The rise in wellness retreats and speciality weeks is increasing often headlined by wellness gurus. From SUP & Yoga retreats in Ibiza to fitness training weeks in St Lucia, there is a demand for more tailored retreats where guests can focus on a specific goal and interest from a mindfulness and detox retreat to a triathlon or boot camp.

Top 3 Wellness Retreats: 38 Degrees North (Ibiza), Phuket Cleanse (Thailand), F12 Fitness Retreat (Spain)

Boxing at 38 North

Getting active with boxing at 38 Degrees North


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