The World's Best Places to Work Overseas on Holiday

Best Places to Work Overseas on Holiday


The increasing prevalence of remote work and tighter social distancing measures has created a new travel trend; instead of working from home, wellness enthusiasts are taking wellness holidays abroad where they can work remotely while pursuing healthy activities. At Health and Fitness Travel, we have seen an increase in clients wanting to leave the living room and carry on working remotely from holiday.


The rise in popularity is with good reason as studies suggest that productivity is enhanced; many destinations like St Lucia and Madeira are safer havens from COVID-19; both work and personal life become more flexible. As the winter intensifies and recent lockdowns mean those that can are once more working from home, with this we can only expect the work wellnesscation trend to continue to grow. The lead up to Christmas and January in particular is likely to be popular as remote working from holiday can be supplemented with annual leave for an even better getaway experience.



Out of the many possible retreats for remote work, our Mindful Triathlon holidays are particularly popular with health-conscious, remote workers as they offer an entirely flexible programme which covers all aspects of health: activeness, mindfulness and wellness. Clients can engage with their health and fitness programme which is built around their work schedule with these super flexible holidays. They can attend morning or evening activities, spa treatments and personal training scheduled around their working day. Mindful Triathlon holidays provide the variety and flexibility necessary for a work wellnesscation.

St Lucia, Turks & Caicos and other Caribbean destinations are popular for their sparse population, secluded luxury resorts and sunny winter climates. Dubai, Croatia, Estonia and Barbados are also attracting remote workers as they offer ‘digital nomad visas’. These new visas allow people to spend up to a year at a holiday destination while working remotely. Within these countries, resorts which offer villas are the most popular as this style of accommodation is ideal for those looking to work remotely and maintain their social distance from others. Work Wellnesscations are not exclusively to these destinations as they can be taken anywhere visa and restriction permitting with strong Wi-fi and a good phone signal.



The phenomenon is likely to have a lasting impact on a variety of industries, not just travel. With a higher number of remote workers, demand for office space will be smaller. Public transport may suffer a substantially reduced revenue due to a lack of commuting. Air pollution and congestion in major cities may decrease substantially with fewer people working in urban centres. Work Wellnesscations may be a much-needed revitalisation of the wellness travel industry with a post-lockdown boom in the length of average stay and a rise in the number of guests. All of this is indicative of a radical change in the UK’s work and holiday culture. As more people leave the office and begin remote work, there will be a substantially large group looking abroad, a season at a time, for new healthier lifestyles.

Discover the most popular work wellnesscations:


St Lucia - BodyHoliday



BodyHoliday allows remote workers to achieve their health and fitness goals given the huge variety of onsite facilities: 3 swimming pools, golf course and yoga studios. Devoting time to specific fitness targets on a fitness retreat is made possible by resident personal trainers and easy access to the facilities. A work wellnesscation is particularly advantageous here because of its location on the island of St Lucia which has a very low COVID-19 risk warning. BodyHoliday provides the variety that remote workers want in their downtime.

For more information, visit: BodyHoliday


Madeira - Galo Resort



Galo Resort on the island of Madeira is a mecca for health that offers a wide range of fitness programmes and wellness treatments. While the sports and classes are an enjoyable experience, Galo’s 10-day Ayurvedic Immune Booster holiday offers remote workers the flexibility of scheduling spiritual classes and a strengthening of the immune system. A boost to the body’s natural defences will keep people healthy with a luxury spa holiday and able to work when they return to the UK.

For more information, visit: Galo Resort


Grantley Hall – United Kingdom



Grantley Hall demonstrates that a work wellnesscation does not have to be overseas but can be a domestic country luxury spa break. Grantley sports top-tier fitness and wellness facilities that are ideal for remote workers who are eager to dramatically improve their health in a salubrious retreat. After completing intensive personal training sessions, guests can retire to one of the stately rooms of this country house to begin work. Strong Wi-fi is guaranteed for a work environment that is effective and stylish.

For more information, visit: Grantley Hall


The Retreat – Costa Rica



The Retreat Costa Rica, buried in the lush jungle of Costa Rica’s Atenas province, is a natural resort specialising in yoga and low-intensity physical exercise. The natural setting and incredible views of the Pacific Ocean would make a remote worker’s new office the stuff of dreams. Remote workers from Costa Rica can do their work early in the morning, allowing them to enjoy a whole day of yoga classes and wellness sessions as there is a time delay of six hours, making this the perfect destination for a yoga holiday.

For more information, visit: The Retreat Costa Rica


Euphoria Retreat - Greece



Euphoria Retreat is considered one of the best wellness retreats in the world and accordingly would make a dream work wellnesscation and detox holiday for any health or spa enthusiast. Mainland Greece is currently under limited travel restrictions and the mountainous region where Euphoria is based in a secluded haven. Euphoria’s Immunity Reset holiday would also add extra protection to the immune system of visiting guests, making a work wellnesscation here a safe, healthy way of working remotely. 

For more information, please visit: Euphoria Retreat


Bespoke work wellnesscations can be crafted by the Health and Fitness Travel team, who use their expertise to make sure a remote work holiday is as the client envisages it. This includes investigations into visa requirements, travel restrictions and tailoring activities for the best experience possible. For more about working from holiday and other wellness travel trends, discover our the biggest wellness travel trends for 2021.


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