The Best Healthy Holidays for Wild Swimming

The Best Healthy Holidays for Wild Swimming

A low impact sport that is great for strengthening and burning calories, the health benefits of swimming have long been championed by health and wellness experts. However, for some people the chlorine used in indoor pools can have harmful side effects, from skin irritations to more serious respiratory implications. Fortunately, there is an all-natural option for swimming in some of the most stunning luxury wellness destinations around the globe. From the glittering waters of the Mediterranean to the healing springs of the Philippines, we present the best healthy holidays for wild swimming. 

Alongside the obvious rewards for your fitness, wild swimming has many health benefits that make it a valuable addition to your wellness escape. The natural movement of the waves during ocean swimming stimulates the body and the mind, as the swaying motion becomes an active form of meditation. Wild water also tones and detoxifies the skin, as the salt and minerals open up pores to help the cleansing process. The colder water temperature improves circulation and boosts the immune system, as well as giving a rush of mood-enhancing endorphins. So try a morning dip for a positive start to an active holiday where you can combine your aquatic adventures with luxury spa treatments and energising fitness activities, for an exceptional wellness escape.

Luxury Sea Swimming: Adventure at COMO Maalifushi, Maldives

Snorkelling in the Maldives

Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives at COMO Maalifushi

Discover a wellness spa hidden on the private island of Thaa Atoll on this revitalising healthy holiday in the Maldives. Swim in the crystal-clear water and marvel at the spectacular underwater wildlife as you de-stress on this luxury break. Continue to explore the secrets of the water as you snorkel over reefs or dive to an underwater sculpture park. For those seeking a beach spa holiday where you can also keep active above the waves, get moving with daily yoga classes and mountain biking, before indulging with relaxing spa therapies. 

Information and Booking: COMO Maalifushi

Mediterranean Sea Swimming: Sailing Tour Greece

Wild swimming in Greece

Jump off the boat into an underwater paradise on your Greek Sailing Tour 

This revitalising group escape in the Mediterranean is hard to beat for an energising wellness holiday that makes the most of its natural surroundings. Using the ocean current’s resistance to challenge your strength and endurance, swim through the warm, azure waters between the Greek islands where pristine beaches reward your efforts. Great for adventurous explorers, you can test your sailing skills whilst you discover the true beauty of Greece on an adventure break like no other.

Information and Booking: Sailing Tour Greece

South China Sea Swimming: Discover Recover Vietnam

Wild swimming in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Explore the iconic Ha Long Bay in Vietnam 

Get a taste for adventure as you travel through Vietnam, an exotic destination from our exclusive range of Discover Recover holidays. Kick start your healthy holiday with a swim in iconic Ha Long Bay, letting the water provide a natural boost to your immune system and circulation as you discover secluded beaches. Head south to exciting Ho Chi Minh City for an authentically Vietnamese cultural adventure as you enjoy a cooking lesson or visit a floating market. Recover at a luxurious wellness retreat where spa therapies, well-being activities and fitness classes combine to target your specific wellness goals 

Information and Booking: Discover Recover Vietnam

North Pacific Ocean Swimming: Discover Recover Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica

Take to the waves in Costa Rica

Discover the tropical paradise of Costa Rica for a destination that offers everything from adventure hikes in the rainforest, to yoga overlooking the ocean. Sail along the seas to discover secluded islands, before diving in for a swim in the clear, calm waters. Continue your active holiday spotting exotic wildlife on a rainforest hike, or making a splash on an exhilarating white water rafting trip. Experience a relaxing spa holiday after your healthy adventures at a luxury wellness retreat by the beach. Take to the waves again for surfing lessons or a reviving swim in the ocean, before relaxing with luxury spa treatments. 

Information and Booking: Discover Recover Costa Rica

Caribbean Sea Swimming: Fusion Fitness™ at BodyHoliday, St Lucia

Cabana at The BodyHoliday

Go wild swimming in the Caribbean at BodyHoliday

Transform your body and surpass your fitness aims as you glide through the Caribbean Sea at this energising island retreat. Take part in a 1km ocean swim that will burn calories and engage all your muscles as you crawl, backstroke or butterfly towards your health goals. Like all of our exclusive Fusion Fitness holidays, this luxury escape offers a variety of active sessions to compliment your swimming, from ocean kayaking to TRX suspension training. Luxury spa therapies at this healthy retreat, such as a Lucian Lime and Ginger Scrub, evoke the tropical flavours of the island, leaving you fully revitalised.

Information and Booking: BodyHoliday

Spring Swimming: Discover Recover Philippines

 Wild swimming in the Philippines

Swim the pristine waters of the Philippines

Escape to the volcanic peaks and luscious forests of the Philippines, where you will discover pools nestled in ancient craters, fed by waterfalls and surrounded by orchards. For a healing holiday that celebrates the wonders of nature, hike through the Hidden Valley before dipping into the warm waters of natural springs, said to have medicinal powers. Recover from your healthy holiday adventures at a luxurious wellness retreat, as you focus on boosting both your physical and emotional health. Group fitness classes combine with sunset meditation to energise your body and mind, while detoxifying spa treatments help you to de-stress and recharge. 

Information and Booking: Discover Recover Philippines

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