Developments in Healthy Ageing with Dr. Mera from SHA Wellness Clinic

Developments in Healthy Ageing with Dr. Mera from SHA Wellness Clinic


Dr. Vicente Mera is the head of Internal Medicine and Anti-ageing at the SHA Wellness Clinic as a specialist in the ageing process, Dr. Mera has been a key figure in developing the Healthy Ageing Men and Healthy Ageing Women retreats that focus on healthy and graceful ageing. We had the privilege of speaking to him to learn more about him, his process and the healthy ageing retreats at SHA Wellness Clinic. 



Dr. Mera, what made you decide to study the ageing process/anti-ageing medicine? 

After many years of treating individuals with diverse conditions in internal medicine, I realised that most diseases follow a predictable course. Therefore, anticipating the process could easily avoid its consequences and save suffering.  

In other words, I discovered that ageing has the highest impact on quality of life, illness development, and eventually death. On the other hand, as ageing is possibly the most predictable of all the medical processes, anti-ageing medicine would be highly efficient for both individuals and doctors.  

What made you want to develop a Healthy Ageing programme? 

Until recently, no clinic had developed the practical application of the theory about ageing as a whole programme. As our guests were demanding a more integrative approach, we decided to implement our protocol at SHA because we could offer both assessment and treatment at the same time by a group of experts in practically all fields of healthy ageing.  

Who is the Healthy Ageing program targeted for? 

Ageing is highly dynamic and starts roughly at the age of 25. However, the physical and mental changes related to ageing do not respond to a uniformly accelerated process in every decade, and it is different in women and men. In summary, after being individualised by age and gender, the programme can be tailored to almost every adult.   

What does the Healthy Ageing programme entail? 

First of all, we carry out a full assessment regarding lifestyle (food, exercise, stress, sleep, toxins, digestion, immune system) and genomic information (when needed). Afterwards, we check certain conditions associated with ageing, such as memory, mobility, sarcopenia, mood, osteoporosis, sex life, physical fitness and appearance. 

The programme includes extensive workouts and biomarkers, eventually with a telometric determination of the biological age.  

Finally, there is an initial integrative treatment to improve the situation according to the assessment. We discuss the roadmap and prioritisation for the near and more distant future depending on the initial treatment response. Feedback and reevaluation actively continue every year. 

Why did you choose the SHA Wellness Clinic to start your Healthy Ageing programme? 

At SHA, we all try to integrate a preventative 360º approach keeping in mind that health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing. I can not imagine another wellness clinic implementing this approach with more enthusiasm, love and efficiency.   

What are the key health benefits of the Healthy Ageing programme at the SHA Wellness Clinic? 

Nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, digestion, immune system, hormonal interactions and oxidative stress. Prevention is better than a cure, but a cure is prioritised. Therefore, the improvement in the anthropomorphic parameters (weight, fat, muscle), the dynamic values (energy, stamina, endurance), the physiological function of organs and systems, and the mental status (happiness, wellbeing, reasoning) are the main benefits of doing the programme at SHA. 

What can guests take with them after this experience? 

The SHA method is the main asset that guests take with them.  

What’s a misconception about the ageing process? 

The four most common misconceptions around ageing are: 

1) We do not have to fight against ageing but make it harmonious and sustainable 

 2) Healthy ageing is a process that goes from inside to outside, not in the opposite way 

 3) Longevity could not be more important than the quality of life 

 4) Even though the past is always certain and the future might be uncertain, it does not mean that we cannot be optimistic about a better future.   

Is there anything people can do at home to practice healthy ageing? 

Doing it yourself with no instruction manual could be counterproductive. Nevertheless, routine and discipline in what we know we must do, are the two keys to a long, healthy life.   

What recent developments have been made in the field of ageing that more people should know about? 

There are many! New superfoods, more efficient supplements for healthy ageing, different attitude with exercise, new devices to help you sleep comfortably avoiding sleep apnoea, new regimens for weight loss, better knowledge between the connection gut and the brain and the biochemical processes of the gut microbiome concerning healthy ageing, new hormonal replacement therapy protocols, better cognitive solutions, more affordable genomic personalised analysis, new biomarkers of healthy ageing. 


We hoped you learned something new about healthy ageing from Dr. Mera and loved this interview as much as we did! Healthy ageing holidays are a fabulous way to go into the coming years with a new glow and a fresh start! 

Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your healthy ageing holiday!




Dr. Vicente Mera of SHA Wellness Clinic

Dr. Vicente Mera is the head of Internal Medicine and Anti-ageing at the SHA Wellness Clinic. With a medical degree from the University of Seville, Vicente Mera earned his specialization in Internal Medicine through practising it as a member of the prestigious Puerta de Hierro Clinic in Madrid. 

He is a professional endorsed by almost 25 years experience as an internist in such renowned institutions as the Virgen Macarena hospital in Seville and the Reina Sofía hospital in Córdoba.  In the cosmopolitan Clínica Benidorm has got additional experience in Travel and Internal Medicine looking after tourists and resident expatriates of Northern Europe. 

This specialist in anti- ageing medicine began to work in SHA Wellness Clinic in 2009 where he  has been dealing with new techniques and top therapists in the fields of nutrition (macrobiotic), detoxifying substances,  physical fitness training, relaxation procedures, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, and anti-tobacco programmes. Most significantly at SHA Wellness Clinic.



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