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Matthew Powell

by Matthew Powell

A Body Aware Specialist

With regard to weight loss, the talk in the industry at the moment seems to be about the Paleo diet and Charles Poliquin’s “Bio Signature” analysis.

The Paleo Diet bases itself on what nutritionists believe we, as a planet, were eating before the agricultural revolution. A diet based on fruit, vegetables, lean meats and seafood, whilst restricting dairy, is not exactly reinventing the way we think about food. However the restructured “food pyramid” is interesting to look at. Paleo suggests that we try to eliminate as much grain products as possible, so cereals for example are a no-no, due to the fact that our hunter gatherer for bearers would not have had the technology to till the land for such food stuffs.

Paleo is an interesting variation on the usual healthy eating theme that has been around since weight gain became a planetary problem. For me those who use it, and thus eat more greens, more lean protein and less refined and processed foods, are bound to see results as they are eating more sensibly than they probably were before.

Food HierarchyBioSignature looks at specific hormones that humans produce and how they can affect weight. The example everyone uses when trying to explain the process is fat around the midsection. It contends that those with higher cortisol levels (usually a direct response to stress) will tend to lay fat down faster around the belly button than anywhere else. Bio Signature analysis will then recommend specific supplements, exercise and dietary changes that, in turn, can specifically target fat loss in the belly region.

In short, specific hormones dictate where and why the body stores fat.

Bio signature is all the rage for Personal Trainers looking to offer that magic formula to their clients. Three of our PT’s have just returned from the course in Sweden and I am keen to find out more and talk to their clients about the results they achieve.

I have concentrated on these two topics because they are very relevant to what is happening in the fitness industry today. The reason I haven’t gone for my “Top 5 ways to fight the flab” is because when you break it down it’s simple;

Eat more good stuff
Eat less bad stuff
Drink more water
Do more exercise

That’ll be 35 pounds please sir.

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Matthew Powell

Matthew has managed health and fitness teams and operations in 5 star resorts in the Caribbean and Middle East, run a personal training business for over 15 years and currently owns a fitness consultancy in South Wales and the West. He has worked with celebrities and some of the wealthiest men in the world whilst still keeping his hand in group exercise, teaching Indoor Cycle, Circuits, Fitness Yoga and combat based classes. Follow Matthew on twitter @mattypowell. www.quantumphysiques.co.uk
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