Healthy Ageing

Matthew Powell

by Matthew Powell

A Body Aware Specialist

Why is it that some people seem to age so much better than others? Take a group of classmates, fifteen to twenty years after they left school, and you will see vast differences in how each of them has aged. Indeed, this fictitious class reunion might seem as if the invitees range in birth date by as much as ten or more years.

To begin with, like so many things, ageing is in your genes. The oiliness and elasticity of your skin, for men the inherent ability to hold onto their own hair, and for all of us the inherent prowess of the hair remaining its natural colour are all down to good old ma and pa. There is little, hair plugs / hair dye and plastic surgery aside, that we can do to counteract this. However, there are many other factors that can exacerbate the ageing process and so, logically, there must also be ways to help prevent it.

  • Diet: Hydration, Omega fatty acids, good proteins and hydration. Yes, I know I said it twice but your skin plumps up when hydrated and wrinkles less.

  • Environment: The sun is great for the short term but awful long term. Consistently being out in the other elements might be reserved for fishermen and such, but wind and cold will also affect the skin’s youth.

  • Smoking: Strange this one because smoking is usually beset with so many positive properties. Oh, hang on a minute…

  • Sleep and Stress: We sleep to repair and regenerate. With stress comes adrenaline and with that comes poor quality sleep as your body struggles to get to the deeper levels of slumber. Not enough sleep, over a long period of time, is even worse.

    Tony Blair - 10 years in politics

10 years in politics...

  • Body Composition: Strangely enough, having a body fat percentage that is too low can actually make you look older. As the skin loses its elasticity, the subcutaneous later of fat helps keep the skin smooth. A full balloon never wrinkles. Whilst I’m not advocating that you balloon in the quest for the elixir of youth, you get my drift. There are many pictures of celebs who have taken “looking good” a little too far, and the knee caps are always the giveaway when surgeons are there to correct any facial slack, but to publish pictures would be churlish.

So, there it is. Your 5 step guide to looking young – Eat well and DRINK water, stay out of the sun, don’t smoke, get some rest and relax a little more, keep a healthy body fat percentage, don’t go into politics, get parents with better genes. 

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Matthew Powell

Matthew has managed health and fitness teams and operations in 5 star resorts in the Caribbean and Middle East, run a personal training business for over 15 years and currently owns a fitness consultancy in South Wales and the West. He has worked with celebrities and some of the wealthiest men in the world whilst still keeping his hand in group exercise, teaching Indoor Cycle, Circuits, Fitness Yoga and combat based classes. Follow Matthew on twitter @mattypowell. www.quantumphysiques.co.uk
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